Shrill & Fabulous: Bravo TV the week of April 25, 2014

Shrill & Fabulous
Shrill & Fabulous

This week the women of D.R.A.M.A. battle over puppy fashion and the egos of evil developers. Shrill & Fabulous & adorable!!!

Shrill & Fabulous Season 11 Episode 9: Bow WOW

Ramona reveals Sonja’s financial secrets. Elsewhere, Quad centers her attention on her puppy fashion line; financial problems plague Dr. Simone, who hosts a slumber party; and Lisa Nicole receives disturbing news.

Jenni tries to restore order in the office. In addition, Shannon’s marriage is dissected by the others; Heather departs for the holidays; and the ladies address their grievances at a “fakes-giving” feast. Elsewhere, Fredrik adapts to the egos of million-dollar developers, and Ryan visits a spooky townhouse.

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