Survivor Cagayan Recap: Original Recipe

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

Survivor: Cagayan Episode 9: “Sitting in My Spy Shack” — Jefra may be a wild card after Tony’s shenanigans last week. Woo takes a nasty fall. Spencer is still a twerp.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Spencer found a hidden immunity idol a couple episodes ago, so it will probably come into play tonight. An Original Recipe Hidden Immunity Idol—with 11 herbs and spices and the ability to play it after the votes are read—was hidden somewhere on the merged tribe beach, so it will probably come into play tonight. Tony used the minority alliance of Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah to orchestrate a blindside of LJ. LJ probably won’t come into play tonight, other than sitting on the jury at Tribal Council.

Prologue – Night 25

Solarrion returns to camp and Jefra asks point blank who flipped. Tony and Woo fess up. Jefra asks for reasons, and the guys blah blah blah answers. Real talk: no answer is going to satisfy her because she’s coping with the concept that she is probably #5 in the quintet alliance. Trish interviews that “Tony completely bamboozled LJ” (not to mention the women of his  alliance), but she still trusts the guy.

The next day, Tony is in full-on panic mode. Because his plan worked? He decides to build another spy shack (oh lord) near the watering hole so he can get the skinny on what people really think is going on. Jefra and Trish, completely ignoring the camera guy already filming a bush, talk about their issues with Tony. Jefra says she feels played, but Trish assures her that the alliance is still intact. She adds Tony would probably win an Academy Award for his acting (ummmm), so maybe she does realize he’s listening. Play up his ego and receive no repercussions. Unlike Jefra, whom Tony does not trust any more.

Reward Challenge

Teams of four have to paddle out to boxes containing oars with letters on them. Once all the paddles are collected, the tribe returns to shore to unscramble the letters and form the phrase that pays. The winners get a trip to see some caves and enjoy a BBQ lunch. The teams are Jefra/Jeremiah/Tasha/Spencer (Purple), and Kass/Woo/Tony/Trish (Orange). How convenient for story purposes. There’s nothing too exciting to report as the teams are more-or-less even when they return to shore. Tasha and Spencer peek over to see what Woo and Kass are coming up with, but that’s about it. The phrase is “Worth Playing For” but the Orange team initially thinks it’s “Worth Fighting For.” Purple figures out the puzzle first and wins.

Camp Life

Back at Solarrion, Tony freaks out that Jefra might be swayed to flip while at lunch. Well, maybe stop thinking two moves ahead three moves too late, dummy. Kass haz a sad about not winning and also the possibility that there may be a 4-4 split in the tribe. Trish says “oh my God, are we strategizing?” She says she would rather investigate the lemon and papaya trees she found and brings Woo with her since he can climb. Woo tells the story about how he was shaking the tree and getting lots of fruit to fall. He steps back on a bad branch and, as he describes it “I tried to do the Cliffhanger thing: whooooooooooa,” but he grabbed an equally weak branch and fell on the ground hard. First: nice reference. Second: the fact that he’s narrating (awesomely) means that the kid is okay, though his butt bone may be sore for a little while.

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