Shrill & Fabulous: BOOM Goes the Drama-mite

Shrill & Fabulous
Shrill & Fabulous

DRAMA explodes on this week’s Shrill & Fabulous. Thanks Bravo!

Shrill & Fabulous Season 7 Episode 4: Always a Bridesmaid

The Fourth of July in the Hamptons leads to interpersonal fireworks. An explosive confrontation between Quad and Mariah impacts the medical community. Atlanta housewife NeNe Leakes enlists Patti to find love for two of her bridesmaids. Jenni returns to the office, only to discover that inappropriate behavior has spiraled out of control. Back in the OC, Tamra hosts a spooky get-together featuring tarot-card readings, and newbie housewife Shannon Beador invites the ladies to a home-cooked meal. Here, Whitney showcases his new apartment away from his mother; Shep ensures all of his women will attend Whitney’s party; and a new chapter begins for Thomas.


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