5 “Awesome” Parent-Child Relationships from Scandal

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

Scandal Season 3 Episode 15: Mama Said Knock You Out — This week on Scandal we learn that as much as they’ve been shielded from the mayhem, the kids may not, actually, be all right.

Our Scandal Thursday was filled with surprises, for everyone.  One important point to know: the Grant kids are real. Karen and Jerry finally come home to the White House to to an interview and help support their father’s campaign. However, they seem to have their own agenda as Olivia quickly finds out while prepping them for their moment in the spotlight. While Karen’s just angry, Jerry is seeking revenge complete with a t-shirt promoting the opposition.

To make matters worse for the kids, Karen catches Mellie and Uncle Andrew in a passionate moment to rival Fitz and Olivia, and the kids are definitely NOT All right. Olivia, per usual, tries to calm the waters, but it might be too late for both the Grant and Pope families. Over at Pope and Associates, Liv and Co. are in a full fledged war to take down B613. But, before they can do any damage, Papa Pope doles out some fatherly advice that B613 is supported by all other agencies and reveals just how deep the river of power runs.  Olivia will need all of her might to take down the secret agency, in addition to its most elusive target, her mother. You see Mama Pope is officially a crazy terrorist and even her benefactor Adnan is asking Olivia for help. We just hope EVERYONE comes out all right as the awesomeness continues.

Mackenzie Astin, who I remember as the annoying little kid from The Facts of Life, guest stars.

The kids are alright.  Well, maybe not,  but they do at least exist as we finally meet the teenage Grants, Karen and Jerry.

‘Glasses Houses, Olivia.’ Governor and would-be VP candidate Andre Nichols schools Olivia reminder her that she is no position to throw stones.

Jerry? So, remember that time Mellie was raped by her father-in-law and we decided this meant that HE could in fact be the father of her children? Now we’re convinced that’s where this is going as Mellie’s son was apparently named after his grandfather/father.

The Help.  During another epic Eli Pope monologue, he explains to Olivia that she’s really just the “help” at the White House and isn’t as much part of the Grant clan as she’d like to think.  Papa Pope’s words echo loudly when Fitz tells her to leave as he’s talking to his family – you know, the ever-loyal Mellie and the kids.

…now what?

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