Oprah Knows Best: In Defense of Lindsay

Lindsay (Photo: OWN)
Lindsay (Photo: OWN)

That’s right, I’m still watching Lindsay on OWN.  Are you?  Because this week the O herself lays down the law.

Lindsay, the Lindsay Lohan reality show on OWN has been great.  I was a little worried at the end of Part 2 when Lindsay finally moved into her apartment and declared that she felt comfortable and settled.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, she unravels at the drop of a hat. You’ll recall she has trouble sticking to a schedule, which is odd as it seems her whole life has been a series of production schedules, and maybe that’s just it. Perhaps Lindsay’s had enough and right now she just doesn’t care.

Unfortunately she’s paying people to care and, separately, people are being paid to care about her. Lindsay’s still holding the production crew at bay because she needs a day to herself.  It’s therefore not only holding up shooting, but holding back the quality of the production, something that Oprah will have none of.  It seems O already had a schedules check-in with Linds and has been briefed on her lack of follow-through with the needs of the production.  In the car to Lindsay’s Mom’s house, Oprah tells Harpo Exec. Sheri Salata that Lohan needs to cut the bullshit.  That’s right, Oprah curses, and not just in the privacy of her own SUV, she tells Lindsay the same thing to her face, even dropping an F-bomb. Lindsay smirks, and Oprah admits it must be surprising to hear her talk like that, but she’s trying to get her point across.  Finally, LiLo agrees to continue on and stick to a schedule, and be a professional as she realizes Ms. Winfrey is serious about shutting down production if given the go-ahead.  But we all know Lindsay’s not giving up her free loft in SOHO without a fight.

The fighting hasn’t exactly stopped, though.  Even inside of Lindsay’s own circle of trust, her assistant, Matt, starts an argument over her not keeping to their agreement of meeting every morning and night.  However, in defense of Lindsay, when she tells him to stop being disrespectful we’re right there with her.  Because as crazy as her life may be, it’s hers and she’s paying him to support it in her way.  If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to stick around.  And if we’re being honest, he’s just as whiny as she is so we hope he doesn’t.  Maybe that’s for next week’s Part 4?

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