Survivor Cagayan Episode 4 Recap: “Odd One Out”

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

MINI-MERGE! Survivor: Cagayan enters phase II as the castaways draw new buffs and get reconfigured. No matter what happens, some Brawn tribe members will finally go to Tribal Council.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: Morgan lost her friend Brice, making her the outcast of the Beauty tribe. Cliff was the outcast of the Brawn tribe, but even when they tried to throw the immunity challenge they couldn’t because of the outcasts of the Brains tribe. J’Tia, who had been an outcast since Day 1 ran out of luck and was FINALLY cast out.

Prologue – Night 11

The Brains return to camp and celebrate their good fortune with hugs. Kass reveals she changed her mind at the last minute to keep Spencer over J’Tia, adding that their team is the “crap for brains” tribe. Heh. Spencer speculates he, Kass and Tasha could be the final three, so long as the universe stacks the deck.

Fast forward to Day 12, when the tribe gets a treemail about a food challenge. When the three tribes arrive, the universe (read: Probst) tells everyone to drop their buffs: it’s time for a shuffle! Everyone draws a new buff from a bowl. The new Aparri tribe (formerly Brawn) consists of the Brains, Sarah, Morgan, Jeremiah, and Alexis. The new Solana tribe (formerly Beauty) consists of the rest of Brawn, LJ, and Jefra.

The challenge features one person on each tribe hanging on to a pole while two members of the opposing tribe attempt to pry that person off the pole and drag her/him across a line. The challenge is best of three, but the size and gender imbalances in the matchup makes the entire challenge uninteresting. Short version: Solana (the one with all the Brawn folks) wins and gets to gorge on coffee, donuts and cookies. Enjoy the sugar shits, folks.

Camp Life – Day 12

Solana Despite the celebration of the new tribe’s first win, LJ and Jefra know they are on the outs. Trish bonds with LJ over their Massachusetts origins, establishing some sort of Masshole alliance, I guess. She’s also getting all flirty Gertie with him. LJ knows this, but is willing to play the cougar card if it buys him three more days. Lindsay sees this happening and seems disgusted by the idea. She’s not the only one still harboring disdain toward Trish, as Cliff shares with Woo his disappointment that Trish is still on their tribe. Later, Trish and Jefra get some one-on-one time. Trish tells her new teammate Lindsay and Cliff are a duo and need to be dispatched. Agree.

Aparri — Sarah interviews she feels extremely uncomfortable being the only original orange member back on the orange tribe’s beach. Sarah is not seeing the silver lining here: she is the swing vote and probably has a free ride to the real merge is she doesn’t step on any toes. However, every person from the former Beauty tribe wants to flip and work with the Brains, so that’s going to be interesting. We almost see Tasha do a jig of glee when she realizes their numbers are 3-1-1-1-1. Good job, universe.

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