Survivor Cagayan Episode 3 Recap: “Our Time to Shine”

Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Cagayan (Photo: CBS)

The tribes are in disarray on this week’s Survivor: Cagayan. Brains continues to struggle with tasks, Brawn struggles with team dynamics, and Beauty struggles with how eggs work.

Previously on Survivor Cagayan: We’re only eight days into the game and things have been rather cray cray. Team Brawn is still at six members, but Tony is overplaying the game with alliances up the wazoo. The Brains tribe got a reprieve from Tribal Council, as Beauty lost an interesting maze challenge. Jeremiah was in a bit of a pickle, having pledged allegiance to opposing forces. After a triple-tie, Brice became the first casualty. Eh.

Prologue – Night 8

Team Beauty returns from Tribal Council and it is not smiles-times? Morgan, in front of everyone, says Jeremiah chickened out of his previous arrangement? But he replies that he stuck with his first alliance? Later, Morgan apologizes to Alexis and won’t stop chatting about various threats within the tribe? The editing is not purposely highlighting this, but if I have to hear any of the people on this tribe speak more than a sentence at a time in their horrible voices, I will chop off my own ears.

Reward Challenge – Day 9

The Brains Tribe presents the clue for the first Reward-only challenge of the season. Yay! And it’s going to be one where blindfolded contestants have to listen to a caller. Double yay! We see footage of J’Tia practicing, because she knows she is on her twelfth day of borrowed time (yes, I know it’s only Day 9).

In this challenge, there are five items dispersed throughout a field among several obstacles. A pair from each team will venture out blindfolded to retrieve each item, with only a teammate on a tower screaming directions to guide them. Once an item is collected, it needs to be brought to a lift which the blindfolded contestants use to hoist the item up to the caller. Once the caller receives all five items, the duo has to retrieve a flag from the other end of the course and deliver it to the caller. The first to finish receives three hens and a rooster while the runner-up tribe gets a dozen eggs.

It’s not the fact that people are sustaining injuries that makes this type of challenge delightful: it’s how the injuries are delivered. The front and middle sections of the course are divided by crossbeams, at a height a little below the waist. To put it delicately, the beams keep hitting the dudes in the delicates. Farther down the course, we see LJ doing this weird kick shuffle as he walks so he can avoid hitting any traps. It may look goofy, but the strategy worked because the Beauty tribe smoked this challenge. Brains was doing well, having collected its flag before Brawn even had its fifth item. However, the hoist mechanism requires timing communication so items don’t fall off the platform.  The flag fell off and J’Tia, blindfolded, was not listening to her teammates telling her where to place the flag on the platform. This gave Brawn enough time to catch up and squeak past the nerds.

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