The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose Week 8 Part 2 of 2

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

On Part 2 of The Bachelor’s four hour/two night extravaganza, the Bachelor and his Bachelorettes find themselves in frosty St. Lucia.

In the early days of The Bachelor, no Bachelorette ever left of her own accord.  She never said, “this isn’t for me” and walked off or even seemed to hesitate to be all in for whomever the hunky suitor was.  Not so much anymore, and I’m thankful.  Rule #1 to the Rose is BE YOURSELF….unless yourself is boring, then you’ll just get voted off early anyway and you’ll never be the next Bachelorette.

Don’t: Be Clare.  I’m not sure why, she’s just not likeable and that girl can’t win.  Well she can win the game, but not the man.  Remember Courtney and Bachelor Ben?  But it’s not that Clare’s mean or catty, she’s just a bit too much for TV.

Do: Know how to swim.  It’s all you’ll be doing.

Don’t: Think you can do what The Bachelor does.  So remember back when Juan Pablo didn’t want to go around kissing a bunch of women because of how it would look to his daughter?  Well he’s over it and willing to be all up in the fantasy suite with all three remaining women.  Clare on the other hand tried to tell us she was on the fence about their night because of his daughter after her aggression all season.  We. See. Through. You.

Do: Be honest with yourself, but not necessarily with The Bachelor.  Apparently Andi told the Bachelor she really, badly, wanted to fall in love.  He thinks she might be trying to force it.  She says she’s not and it’s a little awkward.

Don’t: Think you and The Bachelor will always be on the same page.  Juan Pablo says he woke up thrilled with Andi and their date.  Andi on the other hand says the night was a disaster.  Why, apparently when Andi shared her feelings or her past, Juan Pablo took over the conversations with his own stories.  Allegedly The Bachelor named dropped and also decided to talk about his overnight date with Clare.  Dude needs a filter and Andi wasn’t amused, she was offended.  And if that is how you feel about The Bachelor

Do: Be strong enough to leave.

Don’t: Try to bring back fringe.  It’s not ok.  “Nikki, 1975 called and they’d like your bikini top back”

Do: Be direct.  This is the part where Andi tells Juan Pablo he’s not all that, despite what he may think.  Juan Pablo says it’s ok,  and Andi turns it right back in his face and let’s him know it shouldn’t be ok.  She’s decided he’s not the guy for her.

Don’t: Ask if you’re ever going to find love, Andi.  Nearly every departed woman at this stage asks the camera that question and two months later they’re either engaged…or the next Bachelorette.

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