Exquisite Corpse: Bravo Reality the week of February 14

Shrill & Fabulous
Shrill & Fabulous

Bravo is our Valentine this week, as the network has amped up the DRAMA on Shrill & Fabulous. Hearts will break, hearts will mend, and one heart is a menace when it gets behind the wheel.

Shrill & Fabulous, Season 1 Episode 17: “Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît”

A summer of DRAMAS comes to a close in the Season 1 finale. Matthew McConaughey reflects and on his life and career in an interview with James Lipton. Kenya plans a masquerade ball, but DRAMAS erupt when it’s discovered guest-of-honor NeNe might not attend. DRAMAS unfold at a polo match, with fallout from Mica’s past outburst in the Hamptons coming into play. Kyle mistakenly reveals that Joyce’s father has died, sparking DRAMA. Amy Adams casts light on her life and career in an interview with James Lipton. Included: the Season 2 DRAMAS swirling around Jax; shattered friendships; and new controversial alliances and romances.

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