What Else is On? February 12-18, 2014

Tattoo Titans (Photo: CMT)
Tattoo Titans (Photo: CMT)

The Olympics continue to scare away television competition, but there are big premieres online, with the return of House of Cards and the debut of Farmed and Dangerous. Here’s What Else is On.

Thursday, February 13

CMT adds to the tattoo competition genre with the series Tattoo Titans. Four artists will compete each week in a Chopped-like contest, with inkslinging based on a theme. This week, the clients will celebrate women’s strength, beauty and grace in an episode titled “Bad A$$ Babes.” FEMINISM! Catch the premiere at 11pm.

Friday, February 14

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: House of Cards returns for a second season on Netflix. Mooch will have a rundown of the first season later today in case you don’t have time to catch up before all 13 episodes drop. Here’s a trailer for the season:

Monday, February 17

The CW kicks off its midseason with Star-Crossed. This series takes the concept of District 9 and places it in a high school context. In other words: CW Bingo. The show debuts at 8pm.

The Smithsonian Channel honors Black History Month with the documentary Breath of Freedom, which focuses on the million African-American soldiers who fought in World War II while experiencing extreme racism at home and abroad. The special premieres at 8pm.

Finally, it’s the long-awaited debut of the Chipotle show Farmed and Dangerous. Yes, the burrito restaurant has commissioned a Hulu series satirizing agribusiness. There are exploding cows, so don’t expect this to be PETA-endorsed or anything. You can check in here.

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