Improbable? Index: The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 – After

The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)
The Walking Dead (Photo: AMC)

We return to The Walking Dead anxious to see what happened to our heroes. Also: chocolate pudding.

We can all agree that there are certain aspects of AMC’s The Walking Dead that seem a little, shall we say, far-fetched. The most improbable of these scenarios will be reviewed here each week.

Mildly Improbable

Michonne is once again the Walker Pied Piper, traveling among a horde completely unnoticed. What is it about the leashes that make healthy people impenetrable?

Hard to believe that Rick could hear Carl confess to eating all the pudding himself and not be angry that he didn’t save any for dear ol’ dad. I would personally be furious in that situation. Maybe Rick is more of a “salty treats” guy.

Pretty Improbable

All of a sudden, Carl has become a total alpha male, and I love it. Rick needed to be taken down a peg, and if a 14-year-old has to do it, that’s okay. This is not the same boy who poked walkers with a stick back in season two.

Extremely Improbable

Who ever thought this show would be able to do a flashback so well? Michonne’s “dream” really blew our minds with much-needed back story. So those two guys were her original pets! She did have a child! And she had pretentious taste in art! It all makes sense now.


As if there would still be giant cans of chocolate pudding lying around. That would be the first to go in the zombie apocalypse. As an aside, Carl eating the pudding on the roof was one of the greatest scenes in television history. He is now officially man enough to woo Beth.

“Too Long, Didn’t Watch” Episode Recap

We catch up with Rick and Carl, who seem fifty shades of effed up and angsty, respectively. They hole up in a house and Rick promptly falls into a coma, leaving Carl to fend for himself, almost get killed twice, and eat a gigantic can of victory pudding on a rooftop. Meanwhile, Michonne is wandering the landscape with and without “walker pets,” having PTSD flashbacks and really acting the hell out of every scene she’s in. She stumbles upon Carl’s empty pudding can and knocks on the door. Reunited, and it feels so good! Next week: what happened to everyone else?

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