The Bachelor: Rules of the Rose Week 4

The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)
The Bachelor (Photo: ABC)

This week on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo is serious about finding a woman with Seoul.

That’s right, The Bachelor and his bachelorettes have flown to Seoul, South Korea.  But first, on Sunday night the first Bachelor wedding since Trista and Ryan Sutter aired live on the network.  This week we give you more of our how-to guide to getting to that altar.

Do: Plan your wedding for a night that doesn’t also play host to the Grammys and a very special episode of Sister Wives.

Don’t: Be culturally insensitive and think a Kimono is warn in South Korea

Do: Be ready to dance at any moment.  Korean pop princesses 2NE1 and hundreds of their fans request the honor of your presence as their back-up dancers.  Rhythm will prove necessary, as well as the ability to move your hips better than Juan Pablo’s Latin moves.  Make sure to also be the star of the show, like Cat.  Because right now she’s dancing away with The Bachelor.  Cat seems to know what she’s doing, the women think she’s turning it on the the cameras, but Juan Pablo definitely feels the sincerity.
Ladies, that means…

Don’t: Make any of your dates or alone time about calling someone else out, The Bachelor never cares unless there’s an ex-boyfriend who will show up and you’ve wasted time NOT getting a rose.

Do: Make sure he’s the one for you and play hard to get.  Sharleen made it clear from day one they she might not be into him, and he made it clear that she’s his favorite, and nothing she’s done thus far has deterred him.  She calls him a smartass and he eats it up.  She doesn’t want to sing for him, he wants her to, she begrudgingly does and then they make out because she’s now opening up.  There’s a ‘shot’ they could fall in love.  The only problem is…there’s no problem.  She’s honest in saying she’s not sure about kids of her own and he appreciates it and happily gives her the rose on their one-on-one date.

Don’t: Don’t Don’t tell anyone your biggest fears, especially if it’s possible for you to face them on TV.  Clare, who monopolizes The Bachelor’s time all date long makes the mistake of yelling him she fears eating octopus, so Juan Pablo tells us she clearly shouldn’t have told him and promptly walks the women over to a food stand selling, of course, octopus.

Don’t: Cry too much.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  When YOU make it into the mansion, do.not.cry.  Poor Lauren musters all of her courage to suggest a kiss during her alone time and he apologizes and says he can’t kiss her and let his daughter see him being disrespectful.  He’s kissed other women on his one-on-one dates earlier this episode but told himself he wouldn’t kiss anyone on the group date and sticks to it.  He doesn’t even kiss Andi, and we know he likes her a lot.  But Lauren takes it personally, cries and then cries so e more until she’s one of two women (we barely know the other) sent home.  But not before…

Do: Respect the Rose.  Apparently the women made a pact before the Rose Ceremony that those with date roses would let some of the other women have time with Juan Pablo.  Apparently Nikki deleted that group text and continued to rub people the wrong way by cutting in on Clare’s time.  We don’t like Clare either, but group-think is a real phenomenon and the group thinks Nikki is a b- and it seems Juan Pablo is catching on to the tension in the house.  Hopefully by next week the drama will be in full-effect.

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