Exquisite Corpse: Nashville returns Wednesday night

Nashville (Screen: ABC)
Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Have you missed some of the awesome things about Nashville this season? Get caught up in all of Rayna’s troubles in this recap of the season so far.

Rayna’s in a coma, Deacon’s in jail, Juliette’s in a rebranding crisis and Scarlett’s NOT in a relationship. Rayna and Juliette find a common enemy in the label’s latest bigwig and a common threat in Music City’s next big star. Rayna and Teddy are freshly divorced and hot to trot, while Peggy feigns a bun in the oven. Rayna quits the tour, Deacon gets with his lawyer and Teddy puts a ring on it – sorta. Meanwhile, Lamar makes Teddy an offer he can’t wait to refuse.

Rayna and Tandy don big hats for the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match, while Juliette sports (and ruffles) feathers. If you thought Jeff was the biggest jerk in the industry, wait’ll you meet Bobby Delmont. In which we learn pretend-preggo Peggy’s next wise move. The Avery-Scarlett-Gunnar-Zoe love quadrangle gets more complicated and a Mario Lopez cameo tells us everything we need to know about Charlie Wentworth. The Music City Music Festival delivers big drama, and just as the promo promised, “Someone. Will. Die.”

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