5 Awesome Things from Last Night's Nashville – Season 2 Episode 3: I Don't Wanna Talk About it Now

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Rayna and Teddy are freshly divorced and hot to trot, while Peggy feigns a bun in the oven. Here’s what else happened on last night’s Nashville

Deacon uses his own home remedy for a busted hand called “just play my guitar anyway” and resumes AA meetings. Rayna and Teddy finalize their divorce. Juliette performs at a billionaire couple’s private party so she can skip the Edgehill stockholder’s showcase and stick it to Jeff the exec. Rayna schemes to get out of her Edgehill contract asap and asks spurned lover Liam to finish producing her final album for the label. Peggy still has her eye on Teddy. Will and Scarlett get gussied up for the stockholder’s showcase while Gunnar sighs over his guitar. So much soapy drama! Here are the top five highlights

Juliette jabs at the new ingenue In an encounter outside Jeff’s office, Layla gushes to Juliette, “It was such an honor singing your song the other night.”  Juliette smirks. “Well I imagine it takes some of the pressure off, singing somebody else’s hits. It’s kinda like karaoke.” BOOM. “Was that really necessary?” asks Glenn. She rolls her eyes for the millionth time. “Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re actually buying that fresh off the farm act.” You know what they say about bullshitting a bullshitter.

Pretend preggo Peggy has that crazy look in her eye We know she had a miscarriage, but now that Teddy’s single Peggy’s holding that news to herself. When he drops by to give her cash for the OB/GYN bill, she tells him, “Look, I know you probably don’t wanna hear this, but I love being pregnant!” He appears a little freaked out, but then she goes in for the kill. “I don’t know why, I just have this feeling it’s a boy. I was thinking of naming him Theodore. What do you think?” The creepiest thing is that she seems like one of those liars who starts believing their own fibs.

A rare moment of non-violent Deacon and Teddy realness Deacon visits the mayor’s office to apologize for his drunken misdeeds and assure him he won’t pursue a father-daughter relationship with Maddie. Teddy tells him it’s not that easy. “Maddie is never gonna stop watching you Deacon, never. And she’s gonna take note of every choice you make.” On his way out,  a humbled Deacon tells Teddy, “I appreciate the choices you made back then. A lesser man might have done things differently.” Teddy replies, “A lesser man did.” Somehow they keep heaping the misery on our dear, lovable Deacon while making Teddy more sympathetic than he ever was in season one. Well done, writers.

Liam’s back and somehow hotter despite wearing a fedora Now that he isn’t just another obstacle between Deacon and Rayna (who seem forever resigned to be each other’s utterly unattainable number one), it’s easier to see why she might fancy this greaseball. She confides in him her big secret – the accident messed up her vocal chords and now Jeff’s pressuring her to release the new album. Liam says, “I can buy you some time, bolster my reputation as a pain-in-the-ass producer. I’ll delay the hell out of it.” Aww. But then in the sexy afterglow bed scene he says, “I told you I’m a great producer.” Eww.

Rayna sticks it to the man, southern belle style Despite her evasive techniques, Jeff expects Rayna to headline the stockholder’s showcase. She dutifully takes the stage then – boing! – graciously introduces the star of her new label, Scarlett. Jeff stares daggers at Rayna as a sultry, red-clad Scarlett sings “Waitin’,” which sounds like a bluesy Bond theme. Slick move, ladies. When Jeff later confronts Rayna, he asks if this is all about him nabbing Will from Highway 65. She doesn’t say no. He responds, “If I had a suspicious nature, I’d think there was more to it than that. Oh, wait. I do have a suspicious nature!” His instincts may be strong, but geez, what a weak comeback.

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