5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 9: I’m Tired of Pretending

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

The Avery-Scarlett-Gunnar-Zoe love quadrangle gets more complicated and a Mario Lopez cameo tells us everything we need to know about Charlie Wentworth

Layla’s surprise encore performance in Minneapolis – dedicated to her new ‘boyfriend” Will – puts the show in union overtime, igniting a battle of wills between her and jealous Juliette. Maddie asks her parents if she can get guitar lessons from Deacon, which is how Teddy learns she’s been hanging with her biological dad. Avery and Zoe visit Scarlett and Gunnar at their St. Louis tour stop. When Will can’t deal with Layla’s romantic overtures, he goes out and gets wasted with the guys, sings and dances on a bar top, tries to stage dive into the crowd and face plants on the floor. This concerns the label. Charlie Wentworth publicly dissolves his marriage to prove his love for Juliette. When Rayna visits a sickly Lamar in prison, he asks her to ask Tandy to be a character witness at his bail hearing. Tandy considers it for a moment until her attorney says she’ll be revealed as the Feds’ star witness. But who cares about all that Wyatt/Jaymes/Conrad business this week? This tour drama is getting insane! Here are five awesome examples:

Cross wire wackiness Sad, lonely Scarlett sees Gunnar backstage chatting on his phone. Since he doesn’t want to talk to her, she calls Avery. He’s at work with Zoe, who’s talking to Gunnar. Scarlett says her BFF hasn’t called in ages. “I’d put her on,” Avery says, “but she’s already talking to someone.” Oh boy. Scarlett mentions they’ll be in St. Louis the next day. “How ’bout I kidnap Zoe and we’ll come see you tomorrow,” Avery suggests. Scarlett freaks out and makes Avery put her on speakerphone so Zoe has to hear her scream, “That would be awesome!” Gunnar can hear this in stereo because Scarlett is standing right behind him. And all of this is incredibly awkward because neither Scarlett nor Avery know that Zoe and Gunnar are getting it on. And to think just twenty years ago, none of this kookiness could have happened to anyone other than Zack Morris.

Speaking of Saved By the Bell Juliette learns Charlie is leaving Olivia when he phones to say she should tune into Extra. Mario Lopez himself reveals the news. “It is splitsville for Charlivia.” Here’s a pro tip, Mr. Wentworth – if you want to demonstrate your power, importance and undying love in one fell swoop, don’t make A.C. Slater any part of that plan.

Will’s strategy revealed When label rep Brett quizzes Will about the unfortunate face-planting incident, the cowboy star shrugs it off. “After party just got a little out of hand.” Layla tries to shame him. “You dove off the bar!” He turns to Brett, “She’s not even supposed to be in a bar.” Ha! Well, that’s one way to avoid your nagging nineteen year old beard of a girlfriend.

Seeds of the next hot romance Charlie fans the flames between Juliette and Layla, saying J’s “the top one percent of the one percent” (ugh) and therefore shouldn’t have to settle for anyone’s nonsense. A beleaguered Glenn tells Juliette her Charlie-style games are immature, noting, “He does have a way of bringing out the worst in you.” Oh, yeah. THAT’S why that guy sucks. Later, when Will admits to Juliette that he can’t stand Layla he muses, “Maybe someday, if I’m lucky, I’ll find someone who makes me feel like the best version of myself.” That’s when Juliette uses her thinking cap (or in this case, thinking fedora) and decides to give Avery a call. Ooh la la, get excited! #Julavery

Brett and Will’s awkward moment of hotness We know Will and Brett used to sleep together because they’ve shared lots of meaningful glances at cocktail parties. So it’s extra weird that the one guy in the business who knows Will is gay is helping him manage this fake romance with Layla. When Will finds himself in the middle of a Juliette/Layla fight, Brett kindly observes, “I imagine it’s tough to juggle a diva and a diva-in-training.” Will says, “I never know which version of you I’m gonna get. You’re either all business or you’re a sympathetic friend.” Brett just grins and says, “I’m both.” Whoa, super hot chemistry, when did you get here?! Will cuts the tension, saying, “I’m gonna go see how my girlfriend’s doing,” to the one guy who knows how completely full of shit this relationship is. Oh, Will. Your dopiness is getting to be kind of adorable.

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