Doing the Lord’s Work: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s team dropped a soy bomb on the interwebs Tuesday with a television-based interactive music video for “Like a Rolling Stone.” It’s amazing.

The Clearly Dope, a delightful tumblr that finds items on the internet that are clearly dope (oh! I just got that!), posted an amazing nugget from Bob Dylan’s website. Technically it’s a music video for his classic song “Like a Rolling Stone.” However, the execution of the video is phenomenal.

The presentation begins with channel surfing through a mix of real (The Price is Right, Property Brothers, Pawn Stars) and fictional programs (BCC News, The History Network). After landing on a channel, the music will begin and the on-screen presenters will be lip syncing to the song. Using the up and down arrows on your keyboard will allow you to channel surf seamlessly as the song plays.

Well played, Mr. Dylan. Your team is doing the Lord’s work.

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