5 Awesome Things from Scandal Season 3 Episode 7: Everything’s Coming up Mellie

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

On this week’s episode of Scandal, we look at both the Grant and Pope family histories.
Last night on Scandal, while the campaign trail rolls along, Olivia’s new “client” is her mother, much to the surprise of Pope’s “Associates.”  It seems Olivia’s digging has left too many unanswered questions and she needs everyone’s help.

Meanwhile Mellie’s taking the Grant “Political Dynasty” into her own hands with a network television interview and teasing tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  She’s plotting to hire an escort to ruin the Vice President’s marriage and not at all ready to leave her address after the next election.  Meanwhile in flashback we learn that Papa Grant knew that Fitz shot down the plane we’ve all been talking about. Mellie learned that info from him long before she became first lady, and just before the unfortunate night Fitz’s Father raped her.

“I love you.” “So what?”  Even if Olivia can’t stop herself from answering Fitz’s calls, at least she’s got the moxie to tell him where to put…

Cyrus Bean flashback.  Last night we learned about the moment Cyrus and Fitz met courtesy of his father and at that time sported a solid beard and looked more reformed hippie than chief of staff.

“Live, I’m going to hug you know…you’re going to stand here and take it.” Abby delivers the news to Liv that the president’s dad was on the committee responsible for investigating her mom’s plane crash and

Quinn is a killer.  That moment when Huck’s former B613 comrade (whose name we can never remember – Charlie, his name is Charlie) kisses Quinn, who he’s been meeting regularly at the shooting range.  Ohhhh, does Quinn have a new boyfriend?  We think so until he sends her into a building he’s staking out to do the dirty work on a security guard who she accidentally kills and is left hanging.  Conveniently we then find out the security guard she killed was the person Pope and Associates were trying to find, and now Quinn’s in B613.

THE LAST MINUTE OF THE SHOW! Sally’s – Vice President – husband is gay (obviously).  The President didn’t know the man who gave him the order to shoot down the plane was Olivia’s father.  Olivia’s mom was taken off the plane before it took off and is alive and in a cell somewhere?!  The Grant’s oldest daughter was probably fathered by Fitz’s dad.  We can all now officially feel bad for Mellie.

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