5 Awesome Things From Last Night’s Scandal Season 3 Episode 6: Icarus

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week Scandal reveals more of the Pope family history in Olivia’s quest for the truth about her tragic childhood.

On this week’s Scandal, Olivia KNOWS EVERYTHING, she knows Fitz was involved in her mother’s death, Operation Remington, but perhaps more importantly, everyone know that she knows and they can’t have her revealing the truth.  Papa Pope is after Jake Ballard, and Cyrus is full speed ahead at Josephine Marcus (still played by Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame).

In the process we finally find out a little background on Harrison – apparently he used to sell cars, and also has some concerns about a potential visitor from the Middle East, and Cyrus knows that.  A visitor apparently so dangerous that Harrison asks Huck to keep him out of the country.  No violence, just a little deleting of a visa application.  The plot has officially thickened.

On the campaign trail, Fitz’s VP is apparently working on her own strategy for succession – if you’re keeping score the unofficial candidates are Republican President Grant, his current Vice President, Josephine Marcus and Governor Reston one of Olivia’s clients last season vying for the Democratic ticket.  Got it? Good.
“I can’t work for you.” “There is no one else” – It’s that moment that Olivia truly realizes Fitz was part of operation Remington that shot down the plane that killed her mother, even if he didn’t realize it and turns down Mellie’s plea to run the President’s reelection campaign.  Fitz brushes it off as if they could just get someone equally as capable, but Mellie speaks the truth.

Quinn at the shooting range, badass before breakfast….but now suspiciously being chatted up by Huck’s former B613 colleague who is still working for Papa Pope.

Lisa Kudrow is a recurring guest star!  Apparently this campaign arc is carrying through the rest of this season and Kudrow’s Josie Marcus is hitting the boy’s club hard.

“You’re a monster” “Who loves you dearly!”  James and Cyrus just LOVE each other to death.

Fitz’s face when Olivia tells him that one of the people on the plane shot down was her mother.

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