5 Awesome Things From Last Night’s Scandal Season 3 Episode 5: More Cattle, Less Bull

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal, the hunter becomes the hunted, and Lisa Kudrow (Yes, that one!) guest stars.

This week on Scandal, Lisa Kudrow joins the cast as a congresswoman vying for the Democratic Nomination for President, meanwhile dealing with potential damage of having had a baby at 15 she subsequently gave up for adoption.  After some digging in Red Springs, Montana, Pope’s Associates discover the baby wasn’t exactly given up, but instead raised as the woman’s sister, Candy.  Candy has no idea until Liv convinces Congresswoman Marcus to reveal the truth during a televised debate.  Olivia’s quickly fired, but finds solace in Fitz.  The President thinks he can still win re-election, but surprisingly Mellie’s not sure and nearly begs Olivia to run his campaign, and admits Liv is “everything to him.”  But there has to be a catch, right?

Meanwhile Huck and Jake are still trying to get command of Command, Papa Pope, and what Fitz’s Gulf War mission, nicknamed Reddington, was really about.  They finally figure out that the President shot down an airplane on behalf of the US Government that was carrying Olivia’s mother.  In a storyline we’ve been missing for a while, Abby and David Rosen are getting closer after he realizes she lied to him about why she couldn’t attend the White House Correspondent’s Dinner with him because her abusive ex-husband was there.

Somewhere around minute 55, Lisa Kudrow comes calling Olivia back, but Liv turns her down for the President, but sitting in on their meeting Harrison doesn’t understand why or what Olivia is doing.  Something tells me he won’t have to wonder long as once Olivia finds out the President killed her mother she’ll no longer be on his team.

Higher the hair, closer to….Well maybe not in this se, but lately Mellie’s been looking even more like she stepped out of a brochure for Stepford, CT.  Seems everyone’s concerned that the President “has a his wife is a frigid shrew problem.”

White men can’t jump?  In a classic dude-off, the President summons Jake to see him while he happens to be playing a little basketball and the two end up in a heated game of 1-on-1.

On this episode of Law and Order: SVU, the baby a young girl thought she could give up for adoption was actually raised by her mother as her own sister.

We got ‘Poped,’ Sir.  Enough said.

‘Olivia Pope…The gift that keeps on giving.”  Oh Cyrus, we’re so sorry.

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