5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Scandal Season 3 Episode 3: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington

Scandal (Photo: ABC)

This week on Scandal it’s bombs away! Literally.

On last night’s Scandal, Pope and Associates are back to helping clients that aren’t Olivia Pope herself, but their newest client is more than they bargained for.  A mysterious woman appears at the office one morning, handing the team a check before running off to a meeting at the Capitol.  Before Olivia can figure out what’s really going on, Mary Nesbit is wrapped in explosives and is holding hostages in a Capitol Hill office.  She wants to know why her son was killed by FBI agents during a raid at his home in Chicago.  Mary can’t believe her husband was really the terrorist the FBI says he was.  Knowing Olivia is in the room with the would-be bomb-mom (see how I did that?),  The President isn’t taking any chances.  In a phone call he reveals to Olivia that the woman’s son was in fact a CIA Operative, but revealing that truth would put other lives in danger.  So Olivia lies to the woman who breaks down, releases the hostages and blows herself to pieces.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, Huck is hunting Liv’s dad/his “Command” who still has a hold over him.  Unfortunately, Command seems to still have a hold over both his daughter and her would-be-beau Jake Ballard.  Only time will tell if anyone ever really leaves Papa Pope’s nest.  And now, the awesomeness.

In case you were wondering, yes, you can still learn ANYTHING on the internet.  An otherwise mind-mannered Midwestern Mom, Mary Nesbit was apparently able to find materials for and rig her explosive-vest all from information found on the internet.  Maybe this is why there’s a call for more regulation.

Liv Lies.  All this talk about gladiators in suits and wearing the white hat, but Olivia Pope knows there are moments when one must lie.  Like when she’s asked who her father is or what’s in a briefcase or is my son a terrorist.  Poor Mary just wants to believe her son wasn’t a terrorist, and when Olivia finds out he wasn’t, she can’t just say that, so she calmly looks into his poor mother’s face, and lies.  And then his poor mother blows herself up.  The lie came out, the hostages were set free, and boom.  Damnit Shonda Rhimes my heard can’t take it!

Hooch. I thought we learned in previous seasons that Mellie Grant was a good New England girl from a good family who graduated from Harvard and then Yale Law? So when did Mellie get a southern accent and start calling alcohol “Hooch?” I DO like a sassy Mellie, but the southern drawl threw me.  Now, actress Bellamy Young is from North Carolina, so maybe that drink wasn’t just stagecraft and Ms. Young let her roots a bit. Hey Y’all!

There’s somethingstrange in the neighborhood.  Who you gonna call….Ernie Hudson!  That’s right, esteemed character actor extraordinaire, Ernie Hudson makes a cameo as the FBI lead on the Capitol Bomb/Hostage incident.  You’ll remember Hudson from such gems as Ghostbusters, Congo, guest stints on a ton of other television shows and most recently a regular on The Secret Life of An American Teenager – I will always know him as the handyman from The Hand That Rocks The Cradle who was just trying to help.

Abby’s hair STILL looks good.  There were maybe some other good things, but the list of awesome things still wouldn’t be complete without another nod to Abby’s hair and how fun and fancy-free it’s been this season.  Let’s hope it keeps it up.

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