5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 4: You’re No Angel Yourself

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

Rayna quits the tour, Deacon gets with his lawyer and Teddy puts a ring on it – sorta. Here’s what else happened on last night’s Nashville

Sad Maddie still won’t say much to Rayna. She mostly just sighs a lot and listens to Deacon’s greatest hits on her headphones. Juliette is impatient to get the tour back on the road and promote her new album. She doesn’t know Rayna can’t sing. Teddy doesn’t know Peggy had a miscarriage, so he asks her to marry him just as he’s launching a US Senate campaign. Will’s secret ex-boyfriend at the record label advises him to record the song he “borrowed” from Gunnar for the stockholder’s showcase. Scarlett struggles with the trappings of celebrity while Zoey rolls her eyes. Deacon tries to make amends with Megan, the court appointed attorney who helped him even when he was being a sulky jerk, and they wind up going on a date. Tandy learns that Lamar may have a played an active role in her mother’s “accidental” death. Rayna says she has to cancel the tour so she can be with her family while Juliette pitches a well-deserved fit. And most of that happened before the title card flashed. Here are just the top five tidbits from that sizzlin’ hot mess

Peggy tries to cram for a pregnancy “Morning sickness!” she cries when Teddy notes how long she’s holed up in the loo. Turns out, she’s desperately peeing on sticks and praying for quick results from their recent reunion sex. Clearly this nutjob has no plan, but she just keeps going.

Scarlett is no longer in the running to become America’s Next Top Model In the midst of an Edgehill/ Highway 65 new artists’ photo shoot, a nervous Scarlett watches the photographer fawn over Layla. “Reminds me of a young Juliette Barnes,” he says. BWAHAHA! Juliette’s twenty four. Scarlett’s probably the same age. When it’s time for old blondie to step in front of the camera, she’s like a deer that wandered through a meth lab just before getting caught in the headlights. What a mess. Then an assistant grabs her boobs and hoists them up, telling her to show off the twins. The photographer groans, “Can you just try to have fun with this?” but that just makes Scarlett more upset and weird in the face. As Tyra would say, it wasn’t ugly pretty, just ugly.

Zoey sings and she’s stellar Her sonorous rendition of “The Wayfaring Stranger” at the start of the episode further establishes her as everything BFF Scarlett is not – confident, assertive, commanding. Makes for a lovely contrast when these gal pals later get together for a karaoke duet of the Supremes “Come See About Me.” If not for these fine musical moments, Nashville would be just another kick-ass soap opera.

Maddie gets all Miss Marple When Rayna and the girls run into Teddy and Peggy at the Symphony Gala, it takes Maddie about ten seconds to figure out her dad is engaged to his nutjob paramour. Of course, it’s all Peggy’s fault. It was supposed to be a secret, but she idiotically wore the ring on a chain. “Why are wearing my grandmother’s ring… You’re marrying her? I thought you didn’t even like her anymore!” Oof. That’s what you get for trying to lie to Maddie. Truth.

Juliette’s brilliant career move promises soapy gold With Rayna gone, Juliette must find a way to save the tour. She can’t stomach performing her cornball early hits but doesn’t want to give up the arena-size crowds. So she asks tween queen du jour Layla to be her opening act. YES! Layla’s the perfect foil to Juliette – tall, brunette, wide eyed and gushy, she seems so sweet that she must be sinister, right? She’s like a possibly evil Zooey Deschanel. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

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