12 Paladins strive to save Everealm on this reality series. The paladins did not realize there should be airquotes around “reality.”

What Else Was On: August 2014

December 28, 2014 0

Compared to the Quest, the Killing, and Bachelor in Paradise, Doctor Who was the most realistic show on TV in August.

The Quest Episode 2: Horse Play

August 10, 2014 0

This week on ABC’s The Quest, our paladins meet their queen and face another challenge.  Who will rise above, and who will be banished?

The Quest Episode 1: Bridge to Everealm

August 3, 2014 0

ABC’s bringing us The Amazing Race meets Game of Thrones (with a pinch of Survivor thrown in the mix) in this summer’s The Quest.  After episode 1, is it worth making the rest of the journey?