OK, Cupid, we need to see if these e-couples are a match IRL.

What Else Was On: September 2014

December 29, 2014 0

Fall 2014, which kicked off with the dystopia of Utopia, was better served by the zombies of Z Nation and the concept of Love Prison. Here’s what else was on in September.

Love Prison: Casey and Laya

October 21, 2014 0

Love Prison answers the age-old question: what happens when you pair up a female commitment-phobe with a male marriage addict?

Love Prison: Evelyn and Mickey

October 14, 2014 0

Love Prison has a middle-aged rocker couple who loves getting busy. Drink every time you read “eww” in this recap.

Love Prison: Steve and Rachel

September 30, 2014 0

Love Prison may have been unceremoniously cancelled, but the horror lives on…On Demand! In this episode, meet King Douchebag and Princess Doormat.

Love Prison: Lawrence and Nicole

September 25, 2014 0

It’s unfortunate when a couple realizes they aren’t meant to be after a visit to Love Prison. When they realize it on day one, it makes for a looooooooong week.

Love Prison: Rosie & Chris

September 16, 2014 0

Love Prison once again serves as a cautionary tale not to let online relationships go on so long without meeting in person. This will probably be the “lesson” every week.