“It’s called a TV show, not a TV tell.”

Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 1: Natural Selection

December 15, 2013 0

BBC America decided to be awesome and is re-broadcasting the first season of science fiction drama Orphan Black. This week we meet Sarah, a petty criminal returning to the city to reunite with her daughter. When she witnesses a woman (who looks exactly like her) commit suicide, she and her foster brother Felix get started on a potential new con.

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

December 15, 2013 0

When Stephen Jameson begins hearing voices and waking up in strange places, he starts to question his sanity.  When he decides to listen to one of the voices in his head, it leads him to his first encounter with the Tomorrow People.

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Who is going to win?

December 13, 2013 0

Survivor: Blood vs. Water turned out to be an excellent season, with surprising results and adept politicking. Seven players are still in the game: who is most likely to win it all?

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