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SNL Digest: John Cena

December 11, 2016 0

John Cena brought hustle, loyalty, and respect to his SNL debut and didn’t give up.

5 Awesome Things from the Nashville Series Finale

May 29, 2016 0

The Exes and Autumn continue their tour following a two week break. Scarlett frets about reuniting with Gunnar, knowing she must declare her true feelings for him.1 He greets her backstage, saying he has something to discuss. Before he can say anything, she says she’s in love with him. Autumn waltzes in that very second and says, “Oh good, you’ve talked,” drapes her arm around Gunnar and says to Scarlett, “I really hope this isn’t gonna make things weird at all around here.” OOF. Rayna, Deacon and Daphne are in New York City for that fundraiser thingie in honor of [Read more…]

5 Awesome Things from Nashville – Scarlett Fakes Joy

May 25, 2016 0

Luke continues his anti-homophobia crusade but now critics wonder why his gay artist is keeping quiet. So Mr. Wheeler invites Will to appear in a joint radio interview. But then Luke gets called to Fort Benning after Colt is injured and an ambivalent Will must interview solo. Rayna and Deacon see a marriage counselor. Juliette and Noah shack up at her house (post hook-up) so they can see if they actually like each other. Avery and Layla look forward to a perfect night following their Bluebird show, but he’s too worried/jealous about Cadence/Juliette/Noah to really enjoy the moment. During Autumn [Read more…]

5 Awesome Things from Nashville: Tabloid Pics

May 18, 2016 0

A couple important notes… First, my apologies for missing the May 4th episode. I was traveling with a 4 year old and since maaaaybe five people are reading these recaps, it didn’t seem worth stressing over something I’m doing mainly for my own pleasure. Nevertheless, I don’t like half-assing anything and WOW, what an episode it was. Not being able to dish on Maddie’s shady emancipation hearing or Deacon’s tragic response — not to mention the Exes’ train wreck of a Rolling Stone interview — is something I surely regret. But that’s nothing compared to my sense of mourning ever [Read more…]

5 Awesome Things from Nashville: Elevator Music

May 4, 2016 0

Rayna and Deacon hire a lawyer to deal with Maddie’s emancipation bid, then learn jailbird Teddy is the only dad allowed to chime in on the proceedings. Rayna pays her ex-husband a prison visit and is shocked to discover he’s actually taking Maddie’s request seriously. But once Teddy learns his shady deal with Edgehill1 is item #2 on Maddie’s shit list, he realizes he’s gonna have to back his ex-wife up on this one.2 Meanwhile, Daphne keeps texting Maddie, because they’re supposed to perform at Rayna’s next Grand Ole Opry gig and also she’s HEARTBROKEN over her big sister’s plan [Read more…]

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