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After writing for a few publications in college, Clare took an extended break to become a certified personal trainer, get huge blisters during marathons, and find a suitable triathlete/engineer to marry. In her spare time she partakes in many nerd hobbies including replaying Final Fantasy hundreds of times, cheering for the Green Bay Packers, and live-tweeting "Whodunnit?" One time Clare was given 43 hot sauce packets in a Taco Bell driveway. There is a strategy to it. E-mail: clare@whatelseison.tv
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  • Eurovision 2017 Entry: Ireland — Brendan Murray — Dying to Try

    April 13, 2017 0

    We’re “Dying to Try” to think of another singer that would elevate the entry Ireland’s sending to Eurovision. Country: Ireland Song Title: “Dying to Try” Artist: Brendan Murray Second Semi-Final: Position 10 Last year’s entry: “Sunlight” – Nicky Byrne (DNQ – 15th Place, SF2) Ireland is far from its glory days in the Eurovision Song Contest.  They’re still the winning-est nation with 7 total wins, but they haven’t made the finals since 2013 and they placed dead last that year.  They’ve been floundering a bit in their selection strategy – what used to have a vote has gone fully internal, although they seem to be on a bit of a pattern in their choices.  Last year they picked a former boy bander (Nicky Byrne of Westlife) who had a mostly pleasant if bland entry, and I’m concerned they’ve done the same this year with Brendan Murray (formerly of Hometown) Ireland, this is a lovely song but it should be sung by someone other than Brendan Murray.  He’s got a lovely, wispy, tenor, but that whole wispiness thing is just wrong, wrong, wrong for this melody/chorus.  Either try to convince the EBU that Robbie Williams is actually Irish((and also convince Robbie Williams to be a Eurovision entry […] [Read more…]

  • Dance Makeovers with Abby’s Studio Rescue

    June 25, 2014 0
  • An Appreciation: 30 for 30’s June 17, 1994

    June 17, 2014 1
  • Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4: Masquerade Dance Party

    August 17, 2014 0
  • OITNB: Cindy and the Long Game

    June 17, 2014 3