SNL Digest: Jessica Chastain (1/20)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 1736 -- Pictured: (l-r) Musical Guest Troye Sivan, Host Jessica Chastain and Kenan Thompson during a promo in 30 Rockefeller Plaza -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Jessica Chastain shows off her funny side in a great SNL debut.

We’re up late today since my TV was otherwise occupied last night, but better late than never.  Jessica Chastain is more known for her dramatic roles like those in Zero Dark Thirty and Molly’s Game, but it turns out she has pretty good comedic instincts, too.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: Government Shutdown Press Conference

Beck Bennett as the White House doctor redeems this, as does Kate’s “How broke that brain?”


Jessica Chastain joking about the type she always ends up playing is great.  This pivoted in a nice comment on the women’s march.

The Bachelor: Car Hunk

I am always here for a Bachelor parody from SNL.  This was great.
“Which of the Laurens will he choose?”
“Oh no, he’s just regular dead.”

also: if SNL is doing eating Tide pods material, it’s over, y’all.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I don’t have the words for how good this was.

Google Talks

The California accent here is WONDERFUL, and I guffawed at Mikey Day’s character getting revealed.

I also laughed way too hard at “chairless work area”.

What Even Matters Anymore?

SNL in this political season we’re in is far FAR better when it’s doing sketches like this addressing everything in the orbit around the president instead of actually trying to parody the president.  The meta twist is nice.

Weekend Update

  • “Of course he’s afraid of sharks, the man has the body of a seal!”
  • That list of accomplishments set to “The Touch” was *italian chef kiss*
  • Cecily as Stormy Daniels is wonderful
  • Alex and Mikey as William and Harry was a delight.
  • OMG Kate as Robert Muller.

Amazon HQ

The Boston part of the presentation is very accurate.

Aidy as Paula Deen was delightful.  “I’m gonna watch what I say.”

I love the Miami delegation.

LA Lunch

This one is skippable.  There’s some good lines (a person eating a bunch of raw hamburger “just for fun”)

Doctor’s Orders

Pete Davidson’s blank slate of a “Chad” is just “okay”, but I lost it at the final line here because I am 5.

Legal Office

“This has to rock your world harder than Huey Lewis and all the News!”

Keenan’s done this character and it’s not really my thing but props to Jessica for going for big physical stuff like this.

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