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SNL Digest: James Franco | What Else is On

SNL Digest: James Franco

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- Episode 1733 -- Pictured: James Franco during "Audience Questions Cold Open" in Studio 8H on Saturday, December 9, 2017 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

James Franco giggles his way through his fourth time as SNL host

Of the various people behind the new movie The Disaster Artist, it does make sense to have James Franco host – besides starring as Tommy Wiseau (and doing a dang good job at it, from the trailers), he also directed the thing and oversaw production in the James-Franco-does-everything way he seemed to get made of for a few years back.  From past appearances, though, he tends to be a giggler, which usually makes the sketches that aren’t going so well even better.  Here’s how that went last night.

What You Missed

A Visit to Santa

I would prefer 1000 of sketches like these over more Trump impressions. Especially with kids messing up their one line. Also, the first kid totally has Vanessa Bayer’s Child Actor voice.

“And in this climate, I’d prefer you call me Amy.”
“From where? We both know that coal is a dying industry.”


You can skip this one.

Sexual Harassment Charlie

This hit some pretty standard beats once the premise was revealed, but the ending was nice.

Wrapping Paper

Oh, this was good.  I wondered why James looked a little bulky in this sketch and I quickly learned why, and watching this fall apart was WONDERFUL.


Scrudge is not a good holiday party guest.

Spelling Bee

This is basically one joke (and I’m not sure it’s a great one!), but I am here for the subplot about the co-host that can’t spell and James Franco’s inability to get through this with a straight face.

Weekend Update

  • Time to open 3 more doors on our advent calendar!
  • Cathy Ann!  SNL addressing Al Franken’s allegations head on is great.
  • Michael Che doing the absolute minimum to go as a liberal white woman


James Franco yelling about the phonetics of pizza vs lasagna is still playing in my mind this morning.

Christmas Charity

The little button at the end of this is SO good.  I’ll allow the sponcon because I really want to see Disaster Artist.

Franco Family Reunion

You can skip this one.

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