SNL Digest: Larry David (11/4)

Larry David’s second appearance on SNL leaves a lot to be desired

I wouldn’t say I was looking forward to Larry David hosting SNL again when it was announced a few weeks ago, but his last time hosting definitely had a few good moments.  That aside, this time hosting felt a little off – maybe it’s a change in what I find funny, maybe it’s a change in the writing team, but the parts of this episode I liked best were the ones that feature Larry David’s characters the least.

What You Missed:

Cold Open

Wow Alec Baldwin’s Trump has really lost its luster for me, but the brief check-ins with Cecily Strong’s Melania interacting with a blow up dummy was lovely.

Price is Right Celebrity Edition

Since they can’t do a Celebrity Family Feud every week, this seems like a great way to squeeze in some celebrity impressions.  That said, that Chris Hemsworth impression was a big nothing.

“What movie are you here to promote?” “PEPSI”

Ad Council Awards

I am always here for a VHS tracking effect and some terrible 80s styling, and the joke here is pretty good.

The Baby Step

I wasn’t on board for this at all and then it immediately went meta and got me on board again.

“[Keenan,] How long do you have to be here to not do this stuff?” “I wish I knew.”

Weekend Update

  • “Go put on your baggy suit, fold your hair right…” – thank you, Michael Che.
  • Mikey Day’s Don Jr. is excellentm and Eric learning about Fun Dip is great
  • Michael Che was also Very Correct about airplanes
  • Angel, Every Boxer’s Girlfriend from Every Boxing Movie Ever is a very high-concept character to appear at the Weekend Update desk, but I’m glad this audition bit got a chance to shine.
  • Houston Astros!  Leslie Jones!  What a great combo.

Lincoln High School Fresh Takes

I am immediately on board with “high school TV show” as a sketch comedy premise, and while I was hoping for more of a “bad production values” thing, this “what if the high school news class did a CNN panel show thing” ended up working for me too, minus the creep factor of Larry David’s character.


Cecily is the MVP of this week’s episode.  This sketch was kind of terrible but Larry just completely losing it at the end made up for that.


This 90s sitcom thing Kyle/Beck love works for me, too, and I’m so glad it gets the 5 to 1 spot.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • Larry David’s monologue didn’t really click with me.
  • The taped Sarah Huckabee Sanders sketch felt like a few disparate ideas that didn’t come together as well as they could have.

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