SNL Digest: Scarlett Johansson (3/11/17)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Scarlett Johansson" Episode 1720 -- Pictured: Host Scarlett Johansson in Studio 8H on March 7, 2017 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Scarlett Johansson earns her 5-timer’s jacket easily with an effortlessly funny week as host.

Scarlett Johansson has a bunch of projects coming out, from the kinda-controversial-since-her-character-really-should-be-played-by-an-Asian-woman-what-is-this-Aloha-all-over-again Ghost in the Shell to Rough Night with Kate McKinnon, which was wisely what got played up as the reason she hosted this week’s SNL.  Overall, the  show was good – it’s adapting well to needing to go harder than it’s had to in the past politically, and with a (newly-bejacketed) 5-timer like Scarlett, the show kept running smoothly.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: Independence Day?

This was a nice, more high-concept take on the state of things.


It’s Scarlett’s 5th time hosting!  Kate talking about her different Oscars experience was great, as was Keenan’s contributions to the clips.  The 5 timers song was great.

Good Day Denver

This was some fun chyron work, even if the rest of the sketch was pretty by-the-numbers


Real quick change here on Scarlett and Mikey since there was no commercial break between this and Good Day Denver, just the Cherry Grove sketch (see more on that below).  The best part of this sketch was the dog trying to take this helmet off.

Olive Garden Commercial

This sketch did an excellent job of the nuances of Olive Garden ad reaction shots.


“Also available in a cologne for Jared” killed me.  EXCELLENT work.

Weekend Update

  • “Are you old and poor and losing your coverage?  Don’tcare”
  • “Nothing says ‘my presidency is going well’ like the screams of children”
  • I was very excited for a second that we might get actual Al Franken on SNL, but getting Alex and Kate instead was nice.
  • “Jergens.  You know what it’s for”
  • “Alennofix Rodriguez” broke me
  • Pete Davidson’s First Impressions was lovely.  Congrats on getting clean and sober, Pete!

Shud the Mermaid

Big starring night for Mikey Day this episode, but that’s fine by me. Also: Shudddddddd (and Shud’s friend).

Shanice Goodwin: Ninja

This wasn’t something I expected to be a recurring sketch, but they did film an actual intro vid for this.

A Day Without Women

I was fully on board from “we all trusted Beck and Kyle to write a sketch for the entire female cast and didn’t review it at all before starting the sketch.”  Then I realized exactly what was going to happen, line-wise, and it was even better.

Funeral Home Tribute

Rabbi LaTonda Pierce is my favorite.  I would also like a full-length version of Dan and Didi’s first song.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • Cherry Grove was a nice flip on Logo’s upcoming Fire Island, but this was really one-note

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