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SNL Digest: Emma Stone (12/3/16) | What Else is On

SNL Digest: Emma Stone (12/3/16)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Emma Stone" Episode 1712 -- Pictured: Host Emma Stone on November 29, 2016 -- (Photo by: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC)

Emma Stone helps lighten up the first SNL after Thanksgiving.

This was Emma Stone’s third time hosting SNL, and the first time since 2011.  A lot has changed in those five years (both at SNL and for Emma – she was nominated for an Oscar for Birdman a few years ago and looks to be nominated for La La Land this year), but I thought Emma did a great job at hosting this time.  Hopefully it won’t be another five years before she hosts again.

What You Missed

Cold Open

I’m really sad we don’t get to see more of Kate McKinnon’s take on Hillary, but I’m loving what she does with Kellyanne Conway.

“AAAH” “Sorry” “I just hadn’t heard that put in weeks before.”

High School Theater Showcase

OVERSERIOUS THEATER TEENS. This one has circled back from overdone to funny again.

The Christmas Candle

The 90s styling on this made it perfect.


Mikey Day has slowly become my favorite new cast member this season, and this sketch helped solidify that.  Also Emma killed it as the pin-up poster.

The Hunt for Hill

Okay, this play on people finding Hillary while hiking near Chappaqua was great.

Weekend Update

  • The Trump stuff?  Good.  The NDAPL stuff?  so-so
  • Leslie Jones calling Colin Jost a “salty oyster cracker” was wonderful.
  • Colin’s “that bitch cray” was beautifully white.
  • Vanessa’s Rachael From Friends continues to be wonderful, although once actual Rachael From Friends showed up it sort of went all meta and nowhere

Cleaning Staff

I’ve said it a few times already, but SNL is going Full Weird this season.  This felt like an odd successor to the Christmas Raccoon singers from a few years ago with Amy Adams

Paley Center Panel

I’m so happy that they’ve already brought back Debette Goldry this season.

“Someone would pick us up, bring us over to Alfred Hitchcock and go ‘this is all they had'”


“Some kids like to play.  Others just sort of wait for adulthood.”
“Don’t just give him a Barbie.  I mean, it is part of that, but it’s different.”

Nativity Scene

Emma’s tone/facial expressions throughout this was great.  BABY IN A BARN

What You Didn’t Miss

  • The monologue was only so-so (SNL is like high school), but I did like the interaction between Emma and Vanessa.

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