Depi Evratesil: And the Winner Is…

December 24, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil ended Saturday with either Marta or Artsvik as Armenia’s Eurovision Song Contest representative. After more than 180 performances, Armenia’s Depi Evratesil came to a close Saturday with Team Essaï’s Artsvik winning both the jury and audience vote. The jury, which counted for 50% of the final decision, favored Artsvik 31-19. Marta, who had won the audience vote decisively in both semi-finals, could not overcome the scoring deficit. The audience favored Artsvik 40-10. Although we know who will be representing Armenia in Kiev for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, we still don’t know what the song will be. Given Artsvik’s selections throughout the series, I would expect a power ballad with a hint of R&B. If we can get something along the lines of her reimagining of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams,” Artsvik could make Armenia a frontrunner at next year’s competition. So, did Depi Evratesil work as a format? I would say that it did. Although at times it came across as a discount version of The Voice, I appreciated that the aftermarket for the show was the end goal. Though I didn’t agree with everyone who made it to the team round, I found most of the battles intriguing and a good way of […]

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Depi Evratesil: The Final Four

December 18, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil tests the four finalists on Eurovision covers and stage presence. Are Marta, Syuzanna, Artsvik, and Egine up to the challenge? Previously on Depi Evratesil: the six finalists took to the stage in the first live show of the series. After each singer performed, a professional jury and the Armenian public cast their votes for who they wanted to advance in the competition. Each singer performed a duet with their mentor, which was a lovely capstone to the competition. In a bit of a shocker, Marta won both the jury vote and the audience vote. Sadly, we lost Lucy and Team Aram along with Team Iveta and Vahe Aleksanyan. This week has the four remaining contestants–Marta, Syuzanna Melqonyan, Artsvik, and Egine–performing two songs. The first round singing a song of their choosing and the second round features covers of Eurovision songs. Woo! Here’s what happened on this week’s Depi Evratesil: Team Anush Arshakyan: Marta Marta opens the show again this week. Standing center of a fog-filled stage, she sings an Armenian ballad as a pianist plays behind her. This might be my favorite Marta performance. There is more power in her voice, but she maintains the ethereal nature of the […]

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Depi Evratesil: The Semi-Finals

December 12, 2016 0

The Armenian public finally had its chance to weigh in on the six Depi Evratesil finalists. Who advanced in the Eurovision selection competition? Previously on Depi Evratesil: each team was down to two contestants who faced off in one last duel to become finalists. After six battles, six finalists emerged to get one step closer to representing Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in May. Surprisingly, Saturday’s show was not the final but a semi-final. Each contestant gave a performance, complete with backup dancers and vocalists. After all six performed, televoting opened for the Armenia public to select their favorites. Once voting closed, each contestant got to perform a duet with their mentor before the results were revealed. Four of the six acts advanced to next week. Here’s how things shook out on Saturday: Team Anush Arshakyan: Marta Marta opened the show with a cover of Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl” with two backup dancers in tow. This song is consistent with what Marta has presented the last few weeks: unconventional pop R&B tracks that include a lot of breathiness and vocal idiosyncracies. Although this song choice matches the singer, there’s a little too much happening on stage and I fear […]

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SNL Digest: John Cena

December 11, 2016 0

John Cena brought hustle, loyalty, and respect to his SNL debut and didn’t give up.

Depi Evratesil: Six Finalists Revealed

December 5, 2016 0

Depi Evratesil held its semi-final Saturday, with six duels to determine six finalists. There will be heartbreak. Previously on Depi Evratesil: The judges forced their teams to battle within to narrow down the field. After two rounds of duels, each judge has two members left to battle for a chance at representing Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest. The choices are not going to get any easier. This week, the format is much the same as the previous rounds. The two contestants associated with a judge will each perform a song of their choosing. After both acts perform, the judges will offer feedback. The panel won’t vote–it’s not clear if that was always going to be the case or if the show ditched that mechanic because it had zero effect. Anyway, the mentor will make the final decision as to which act will advance to the final round. Here’s how the battles went down on this week’s Depi Evratesil: Team Iveta Mukuchyan: Hasmik Shiroyan vs. Vahe Aleksanyan Hasmik Shiroyan opened the show with a mini-medley of Michael Jackson tracks, specifically “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Leave Me Alone.” Hasmik was wearing a white outfit reminiscent of the gloved one, and her vocal tone […]

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