SNL Digest: Emily Blunt (10/15/16)

Emily Blunt and Beck Bennett

SNL is a bit off when it comes to topical sketches this week, but shines when Emily Blunt gets weird.

SNL’s topical material felt a little off this week.  With 6 days since the previous debate (and with a host of other mostly Trump related stories that have happened since then), everything felt not quite as fresh as it could have been.  That said, Emily Blunt did a great job as host, especially when the material allowed her to get weird and play on our expectations of people who have kind of posh British accents.

What You Missed:

Cold Open: Second Presidential Debate

Given that the debate was last Sunday, close to a week ago, I came into this sketch with high expectations.  They were met in some ways (a Home Alone 2 reference, Bobby Moynihan in a red sweater as Ken Bone, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz doing shots beforehand), and not met in many others (the whole intro, jokes about Hillary’s preparedness).

Elegant Evenings

“It’s not nearly as gross as the rash”
“Our safeword is ‘I’m scared, please stop.'”
“She’s an original character with a catchphrase – OOPSIE DOOPSIE I MUFFED IT UP AGAIN”


A mash up of the women in Donald Trump’s campaign and Beyonce’s “Sorry”?  This is something I didn’t know I wanted, even if the lyrics were a little shaky at times.

Ann Arbor Short Film Festival

Totally thought this was going to be all about the terrible questions people ask at film Q&A’s, but this went in a great other directions.


short, sweet, loved CHONK.

Weekend Update

  • I always welcome Olya Povlatsky at the Update desk
  • Vanessa Bayer’s child characters are one of my favorites, so I always welcome kid newscasters.
    “There’s no Mary Poppins auditions tonight, Laura!”

Drive Thru Window

This was weird as hell but I loved every minute of it.

The Sink

Excellent use of Emily’s posh British accent.

Honda Robotics

“Its face is so cold”.  Leslie was great as Karen and Emily managed to get multiple cast members to break.

Melania Moments

“Not a fair trade, but oh, how I long to touch sand.”

The Great British Bake Off


(This sketch aired at 12:50 because it’s for like a handful of people but I am one of those people)

Hamster Cage

Hamsters playing Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is the perfect sort of 12:55 sketch this week.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • The monologue had a lot of elements (cookies, puppies, massages, a cake with someone’s face on it, moms), but didn’t really feel funny.

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