Fit to Fat to Fit: Tramell, Johnny, and Jason

Fat to Fit

Tramell gained 66 pounds, and now weighs 247. He has a belly but otherwise looks pretty good. Johnny is starting at 299 and Jason is starting at 294. They each want to lose 80 pounds. Tramell’s first step is to assess them with a simple workout that analyzes their movement. Wow, this trainer is smart. He is also encouraging them to take breaks when they are clearly dizzy, which is better than some of the trainers we have seen. Johnny and Jason are really out of shape and don’t see how they’ll get better.

The next day, they have a real first workout: an obstacle course around a track! Tramell paraphrases RuPaul by saying “if you can’t motivate yourself, how the hell you gonna motivate somebody else? Can I get an amen?” (I am also paraphrasing Tramell.) He struggled but finished the workout, as did his clients. Jason and Johnny do a good job of cheering each other on. Hopefully they can turn their codependence into a positive encouragement of each other.

They are happily going along losing weight for a little while, then all of a sudden all three of them start cheating on their diets at the same time. Tramell decides to step back a bit and let Johnny and Jason push each other. Hopefully this works!


Tramell has been doing a lot of work and is down to 199, which is 18 pounds heavier than his starting weight. He is okay with it, because he has developed an appreciation for health rather than appearance. Yay for Tramell! I like this guy! He gets it. It’s not about looking flawless, it’s about feeling good. Johnny and Jason look great. Jason lost 54 pounds and Johnny lost 59 pounds, and they are much healthier than they were before. Great work all around!

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