Fit to Fat to Fit: Katie and Mateo

Fat to Fit

Mateo has done nothing in the last 4 months, so let’s get started! For her part, Katie is dreading this. Sure enough, she is not able to do as much or as heavy as she used to. Mateo feels bad for her and realizes how much Katie has given up for this [stupid-ass] experiment. Katie considers herself a failure because she didn’t gain 40 pounds, and so she feels like total shit and regrets ever starting this. What Would Clare Do? I would recognize that not meeting a goal doesn’t make you MORE separate from your clients. Clients fail to meet goals all the time. If they did, would you tell them “well, you failed, so give up on life?” Of fuckin’ course not, so suck it up, sister, and quit being such a bibbity-bobbity-BITCH. Because you should be focusing on Mateo, and not on your own goddamn issues.

Finally, Katie decides to start concentrating on her client. They work out at a park and do a cute little circuit. Over the next several weeks, they are seeing great results. After 7 weeks, he’s lost 34 pounds and feels strong and fast, which is motivation to continue. At 8 weeks, Katie has lost 20 pounds and looks amazing. Everyone had told her it would be so easy to lose weight, but she has become more humble because of how hard she has worked to lose it. Thank GOD there is a trainer on this show who at least SAYS it takes hard work to lose weight.

Mateo has a setback with gout and feels like he might as well eat bacon cheeseburgers if he isn’t going to feel good anyway. He and Katie commiserate over how they have struggled with their weight loss, and they motivate each other to keep going. How precious.


Katie looks fantastic and is back down to 124, which is just 1 pound over her starting weight. I think she looks better, though. Maybe she should keep that pound around. Mateo has gone from 311 to 246 pounds and he and his fiancée look forward to their wedding.

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