Fit to Fat to Fit: JJ and Ray

Fat to Fit

JJ assesses Ray and thinks he is strong but needs more cardio. Then JJ makes a big show out of being afraid to climb a rope because of what a tub of lard he has become. I cannot emphasize enough how totally normal JJ’s body looks right now. Sure enough, JJ can do everything he used to do, including use horrifying phrases like “get that pump going.” This is not going to help JJ understand Ray’s plight.

The next day, JJ takes Ray through a brutal-sounding stadium workout that I would probably wait several weeks to introduce to a client of normal weight, because I am responsible. “I didn’t go through 4 months of hell just so you could give up on me,” JJ says. What a great motivator. Nothing like guilt and trainer narcissism to make a man work hard. There is an unintentionally hilarious back-and-forth where we see Ray talk in interviews about how he feels like a failure because of his infertility and his weight, and then JJ using stupid platitudes to inspire Ray to flip the 200-lb tire across the field.

What Would Clare Do? I would address the fact that infertility is painful because someone’s body doesn’t work like it should, and that can cause people to totally give up on their bodies, as a sort of punishment. Of course, JJ “3 Kids No Problem” would have no idea what Ray is going through. Sigh.

JJ struggles with the workout and complains to Ray about how hard this is, and how “4 months ago this was so easy.” What a dick. Seriously. It’s like having that 120-lb friend who bitches about how fat she feels. “I seriously think Ray is in better shape than I am right now,” JJ says incredulously. “This is the lowest moment of my life.” WOW, Ray, he just dissed you big-time.

After 5 weeks, JJ lost 37 pounds, and Ray has lost 73 pounds. Kick his ass, Ray! JJ continues to condescendingly say “Ray and I are on the same level right now.” No, JJ. No. By week 10, Ray is struggling when he’s on his own. He is way too dependent on JJ, which happens frequently with trainer/client relationships. It is the job of a good trainer to discourage that.


You will be thrilled to learn that JJ got back down to within 2 pounds of his ideal weight! And he is “stronger in every way” now. Probably because he was doing pullups with 60 more pounds on his frame. Well, I for one am just thrilled for him. (SARCASM.) Can I just say, though, that JJ’s abs are really strange? They don’t align properly, and they look like they’re sickled a little bit. To JJ’s credit, he admits how judgmental he used to be, and he has learned how difficult it is to take yourself out of that pit of obesity.

Now for who you really care about: Ray. He looks amazing! A bit husky, but that looks good on him. Not everyone can have bizarre, lumpy, asymmetrical abdominal muscles. He is down to 242 pounds, for a loss of 147 pounds! And his wife has lost 60 pounds too! They are excited about hopefully being able to adopt soon. Good luck, Ray!

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