SNL Digest: Chris Hemsworth (12/12/15)

(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)
(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Chris Hemsworth hosts SNL for the second time this in 2015.  Will he leave an impression this time?

First it’s been 3 years since Taran recreated the video for “Call Your Girlfriend”.  Savor this.

Coming into this episode, I thought this was Chris Hemsworth’s first time hosting.  As it turns out, he hosted earlier this year in March.  And I reviewed that episode.  And liked it.  Which didn’t really speak well to his memorability, but maybe there were just a lot of episodes last year.  I’m not sure that overall this episode proved more memorable – there were some good moments, but they often didn’t include Chris or were great despite his presence.

What You Missed:

Cold Open

Will Ferrell?  Will Ferrell.  This was a nice little run-through of the Republican candidates still in the race through the lens of Ferrell’s W.


This was a so-so monologue but the bit with Colin Jost/Michael Che got a solid guffaw from me.

The Force Awakens Action Figures

This was an easy joke, but it’s a good one.  As someone who’s trying to figure out if they’re actually excited about the new Star Wars movie, or just excited because they’re supposed to be excited as a nerd in the US, it was nice.

On the Record

Jay Pharaoh’s Ben Carson remains amazing.  Not so sure on Taran’s Cruz.

Time to Bleed

This was so well executed.  Top of the night.

Brother 2 Brother

I vaguely remember this sketch from the last time Chris hosted and liking it.  Taran does awesome work here as this keeps escalating.

Christmas Sing-a-Long

Cecily did some great work in this sketch, and even if it has a rough start it picks up at the end.

Weekend Update

  • “I know black people who wouldn’t hang with those black people”.  Michael Che on the rich asshole was fantastic.  Colin’s addition was a nice dig at Papa John’s.
  • I was super excited when Angela Merkel got named Time’s person of the year for the eventual Weekend Update visit by Kate’s fantastic take on her.  The way she pronounces “tiny u-mails” is a delight.
  • “It was announced Pringles is selling candles scented like their product, in case anyone wants to die in a sadness fire.”
  • Leslie Jones!  As someone who has been watching Leslie Jones devour Breaking Bad on Twitter, this was an interesting case of enjoying the sausage that I watched be made earlier in the week.


“Attractive Male Celebrity plays a woman obsessed with said male celebrity” is a trope of SNL, and the whole “Is Claire just Chris Hemsworth in disguise?” twist was fun.

Male Strippers

Leslie Jones being so into the show made this for me.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • Mark the pirate was brief, but didn’t really go anywhere in it’s time.
  • There was also a repeat of the Aron’s List ad from earlier this season.

Next week:  Tina Fey!  Amy Poehler!  Bruce Springsteen!

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