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SNL Digest: Matthew McConaughey/Adele | What Else is On

SNL Digest: Matthew McConaughey/Adele

(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)
(Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)

Matthew McConaughey and Adele go into SNL’s Thanksgiving break with a knockout episode.

SNL has had two can’t-miss episodes in this latest batch: the Donald Trump episode, which I practically had to watch through my fingers from how bad it was, and this one, because of the sheer cultural force that ADELE has become.  Lucky for us this time, we had a much more capable host this time around (seriously, Sia would have been a better host than Trump).  Matthew McConaughey seems much more willing to mess with his image and have some fun with Adele, and it showed throughout the episode.

What You Missed:

Fox and Friends

Kate McKinnon’s always-fantastic Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was great, but Jay Pharaoh’s Ben Carson was the cherry on top, as was Leslie Jones as their long-suffering corrections person.

A Thanksgiving Miracle

This ad is the truth.  25 is going to save so many Thanksgivings this year, you guys.  Excellent timing on that one, Columbia Records.

Blues Shack

I figured out what the “game” of this sketch was going to be once the band introduced themselves, but McConaughey’s skills sold this.

3D Printer Man

My favorite live sketch of the night. This was another one where I knew what was going to happen once the premise was revealed, but the execution was so perfectly done.

Star Wars Screen Tests

This was a nice tie-in with the upcoming movie (and a great way to show the new people), and a great set of cameos from Michael Buble, Jon Hamm, and Emma Stone.

Adele: “Hello”/”When We Were Young”

I think I’ve watched every album cycle for Adele on SNL.  It’s interesting to see how much she’s grown as a performer.  The big zipper on the front of her dress was a bit distracting.

Weekend Update

  • Colin and Michael on immigration and refugees was great.
  • I am always down for Vanessa’s overactive child actor character
    “Do you even know what AIDS is?”
    “I sure do!  It’s when your whole body goes ‘Oh, boy‘”
  • Keenan’s Big Papi is always welcome, even if the jokes are always “Big Papi eats a big Dominican lunch” and “Big Papi endorses a lot of silly things”.

Should You Chime In On This?

Keenan as Allen Degeneres already made this a winner for me.  SNL taking on the issues on the week like this is some nice bite after the Donald Trump episode a few weeks ago.

Right Side of the Bed

“You’re lookin’ at me like I’m a cartoon porkchop!”

The “too much oven cleaner” twist made this edition of Right Side of the Bed feel fresh.

What You Didn’t Miss:

  • McConaughey’s monologue felt…off.  The story behind “alright, alright, alright” is interesting, but not really monologue material
  • The final sketch of the night (with McConaughey as an increasingly sillier ownsperson against the building of a new Amtrak station in their small town) was an interesting character piece, but did nothing for me.

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