The Librarians Get Schooled

The Librarians - 205 - And the Cost of Education
Must go faster. Must go faster. (The Librarians. Photo: TNT / Allyson Ward Riggs)

The Librarians and the Cost of Education

A frat house at Wexler University trips the clippings book because Wexler is a) a small liberal arts school founded by an occult historian and b) the basis for Lovecraft’s Miskatonic U.1 Given its pedigree it should come as no surprise that a giant tentacle monster from another dimension is wandering through rifts created when a graduate student digs into the science of magic and eating people.2

They fit a lot into the hour, but I’m both surprised and disappointed that we didn’t get any Animal House references, nor Stone and/or Baird in togas.

The magical, mystical, legend/artifact/thingie:

Sort of a two pronged issue here. The architecture of campus was designed to magnify magic, and Lucy (the grad student’s) magic-inspired particle accelerator is warping things in such a way that yadda yadda huge tentacle monster.

Into which wrong hands might it fall?

The non-elder god in question is drawn to displays of ego and pride. First it snatches the school’s mascot; then a blowhard professor. But the real threat is an impending pep rally where the student body for some reason thinks they can beat Michigan in football.3

Teamwork makes the team work:

Cassandra sort of pairs up with herself as the parallels between her and Lucy are quite on the nose. She and Baird get into a standoff about whether Lucy should be reigned in, or even saved when she falls into the rfit, and Baird (kinda oddly) acquiesces to Cassandra’s weak argument.

Ezekiel swipes and hacks, Stone unlocks the architectural secrets of campus, and they both get to tear around campus in a golf cart while hilariously pumping up Jones’ ego.

Oh, and Baird boops Ezekiel on the nose around the 7 minute mark with a huge smirk on her face. It was… heee… you kinda had to be there.

Cassandra: “I really want to lecture you on the morality of stealing from a missing person, but I know that you won’t listen, so…”
Ezekiel: “Not listening now.”

Giddily ridiculous moment of the week:

I kind of want it to be the head cheerleader’s matter of fact citing of statistics that, like all colleges, one in five Wexlerites vanish in the middle of the night. But, really, it’s all about Ezekiel’s adorable pet, gone from this earth far too soon.

Stumpy the gargoyle on TNTs The Librarians
Rest in pieces, Stumpy.

The science checks out:

The prismatic fusion whatsamahoozit will totally keep the specifically aligned pentagram thing charged while the former gets pushed into the dimensional rift centered in the latter, right? That’s how moebius strips work, I think. We should be good.

Dewey decimal? Do we ever!

Okay, here’s my issue with this episode – it’s ultimately Cassandra focused, but everything Cassandra related is rushed and/or out of left field. For a show that’s woven Stone’s human side into two well balanced episodes4 *and* has had Cassandra have some real, well-written moments about her terminal illness, nothing really landed in this hour. Her parallels with/mentoring of Lucy. Her hard line on trying to save Lucy at the risk of the entire campus. Her introduction to the… demigoddesses?5 and her wan ‘No, I’m good’ response to their offer…

This was a solid episode with quite a bit of character and plot advancement buried within. Last season was all about us waiting for the plot to pull together. This season seems like we’re waiting for the writers to become more consistent with the characters.

  1. Layers upon layers of made up things here!  
  2. “We don’t know that they were *eaten*. Technically they were just *taken* through a rift in space…” – Cassandra  
  3. For the one of you out there rolling their eyes that Wexler doesn’t look remotely the right size to even get that matchup, I think an argument could be made that they’re 1AA and that season’s Appalachian State. This is a nerdy aside, even for one of our asides…  
  4. last week’s shapeshifter episode and last season’s Tesla-sode where he falls in love with a ghost.  
  5. Hey! It’s Beth Riesgraf!  

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