SNL Digest: Elizabeth Banks/Disclosure (11/14/15)

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Elizabeth Banks and Disclosure make SNL funny again after last week’s dumpster fire of an episode.

After last week’s nadir, SNL could only go up this week.  Luckily, they had Elizabeth Banks as a returning host.  Besides being best known for playing Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games series, she’s gone on to start directing movies like Pitch Perfect 2.  Her willingness to make fun of herself and go for it with the sketches this week was a welcome contrast from Donald Trump’s attitude last week (although that may partially been because of fair air time rules – everyone else running for president got 12.5 minutes of their own on NBC if they wanted it)

What You Missed

Cold Open

This was a lovely way to respond to the tragedy in Paris yesterday.  Major props to Cecily for going bilingual.


This was a nice way to get the directing bug out of Elizabeth’s system.

Aron’s List

This was a nice twist on Angie’s list and had some great work from Keenan and Bobby.

Black Jeopardy

I loved this when they did it with Louis CK, and this was a nice reprise, with Elizabeth as someone who “doesn’t see color”.

Infinity + 5: First Got Horny 2 U

The SNL ladies’ tribute to the embarrassing guys they first got horny to was pretty great.  Especially Vanessa and Aidy.

Woodbridge High Drama Club

Never gonna get tired of SNL making fun of teens doing “deep” theater pieces.
“Why would they do that scene when they’re all white? Just seems like bragging.”

Weekend Update

  • SNL’s treatment of Donald Trump after this week’s show was great.
  • Pete Davidson remains an excellent Young Person
  • Kyle Mooney’s Bruce Chandling isn’t my cup of tea, but I like that he keeps popping up
  • Olya!  I love Olya.

The Adventures of Young Ben Carson

Sketch of the night.  It took SNL a week (where they weren’t being hosted by Donald Trump), but they took Ben Carson’s crazy-ass words and did something great with them. The dates at the bottom of the screen were an excellent touch.

Walk-On Role

Bobby is perfect as a middle-school principal who gets a little more than he bargained for with a walk-on role.

What You Didn’t Miss

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