Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings Episode 5: A Snake in the Grass

Ta Keo rolls into action in the reward challenge on Survivor Cambodia
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance (Photo: CBS)

It only took five weeks, but we have our first official blindside of the season on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. And boy was it delicious.

On last week’s Survivor Second Chance, Angkor bounced back from a string of demoralizing losses, earning second place at a reward challenge and its first immunity since the tribe was created. Instead, Bayon hit a double whammy of losing out on a barrel rolling reward challenge and a slingshot-based immunity challenge. Spencer and Monica expected to be on the chopping block, but a rift between Kimmi and Monica over clams and the formation of a female alliance post-merge rubbed the original Bayon members the wrong way. In a beautifully executed blindside, Monica was sent packing, which should lead to some fun fallout in the next episode.

So how are the players stacking up in terms of power rankings on the tribes this week? Let’s take a look.


Tasha and Savage, the Little Duo That Could on the Little Tribe That Could, are still on top following the previous week’s boot of Jeff Varner. We don’t actually get much time with them, other than Tasha managing the Abi-Maria situation. We’ll chat about that in a moment.

Woo remains grateful that he wasn’t voted out at the last Tribal Council. To demonstrate his gratitude, he proved to be MVP at both the reward and immunity challenges. We also got some backstory about Woo’s home life, specifically that his mom needed a heart transplant while he was on his original season. It goes into the whole “second chance” narrative the show has been building with several contestants and makes Woo even more of a sweetheart.

The thing is, Abi isn’t moved. In fact, she equates a tendon transplant she received with what Woo’s mom went through, so he should get over it. As the show is presented, Abi seems to be under the impression that Woo shared his story as a calculated move to curry Tasha and Savage’s favor. First, if Abi had watched Woo’s original season, she would know he does not have a calculating bone in his body. Second, is it possible for Abi turn off Game Mode for five minutes? We see her and Tasha chatting about Woo’s story, with Abi complaining and Tasha smiling and nodding. This is immediately followed by Tasha interviewing about how she finds Abi exhausting and may have to cut her loose just for her own sanity. Follow that instinct, Tasha.

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