An Unfortunate Episode – Jem “Alone Again”

We next see Laura at home, popping pills and playing music. At first, nothing happens. Wait for it… Ten seconds later, Laura is TRIPPING BALLS. “I never heard that chord before,” she giggles, right before her guitar morphs into a grisly, fanged beast. EEK! Keep in mind, this is not a music video sequence. This is what the drugs are doing to Laura’s brain.

Be very afraid (Screen: Sunbow/Marvel Productions)
Be very afraid (Screen: Sunbow/Marvel Productions)

Then her rainbow lunchbox — which totally looks like some hippie hipster’s dopey accessory i.e. I think this was your destiny, Laura — morphs into a FUCKING BIRD. That’s when Laura becomes oddly confident in her physical abilities, and here we go with D.A.R.E. lesson no. 52 – hallucinogens will always, always convince you you’re able to fly.

Soon, Laura is standing on the ledge outside her window, threatening to take flight. Jerrica runs out to the garden and pleads with her. Laura yells, “It’s okay, Jerrica. You may be prettier that me and smarter, but I can fly!” Jerrica runs upstairs, shoulder checks the locked bedroom door, steps on the ledge and begs her to talk. Laura says, “Sure, I’ll talk. Coo! Coo!” Okay, that’s just kinda funny.

Laura slips but Jerrica somehow grabs her and pulls her through the window. Somebody’s been working out. Nice upper body strength! Once Laura is safe, Jerrica yells, “You’re not a bird! You’re Laura Holloway.” All Laura can say is, “Not a bird? What a bummer.” I think the real bummer is that you’re suddenly not tripping anymore. What the hell, Bobby? At least it was free. 1 Jerrica accuses Laura of being on drugs, which she flatly denies. D.A.R.E. ALERT – the first time you try any drug, you immediately become a skeevy, lying addict.

We next see Laura and old ass Bobby at the high school playground, where he pushes her on a swing. “Higher, higher!” she yells. Weirdly, she happens to be sober at this moment but she’s looking to fix that. Laura asks him for more pills – just not those crazy, hallucinatory ones. Bobby sets her up with a fresh stash.

  1. Foreshadowing!  

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