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Fourteen Gambling Puns That Might Have Held My Interest in NBC's 'The Player' | What Else is On

Fourteen Gambling Puns That Might Have Held My Interest in NBC’s ‘The Player’

The Player (Photo: NBC)

Deal me out on this show. Or maybe I hold? Can I take back my ante?

  1. Fold!
  2. Let’s roll the dice on this one.
  3. Always wait for the river.1
  4. We took a gamble on you – normally the backers only like a sure thing.
  5. (While in one of those enormous aquariums that are everywhere in Vegas) Card shark!
  6. Time to double down – on justice.
  7. Let. It. Ride.
  8. [Obscure mah jong reference]
  9. Careful – your cards are showing.
  10. She’s the ace up our sleeve. Of course, cheating is not allowed anywhere in Las Vegas, so please – forget I said anything.
  11. (While next to a steep cliff) You’re bluffing.
  12. You see, [episode antagonist], you don’t just need to know when to walk away… you need to know when… to… run.
  13. Never show your hand. Or your true feelings.
  14. Hit me.
  1. This also works well as a coded phrase on any of the rest of NBC’s fall lineup.  

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