We All Sigh For Scream Queens

SCREAM QUEENS: Sorority Pledge Grace (Skyler Samuels) screams for her on SCREAM QUEENS premiering September 2015 on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Steve Dietl/FOX
Scream Queens (Photo: Fox)

Or at least Mooch does. Seriously… hopes… meh…

The following is going to sound like I’m beating up on Scream Queens, Fox’s new… serialized version of the Scream movies? I’m not intending to be so hard on this weekly (Tuesdays, 9/8c)… satire? I’m just trying to break my bad habit1 of giving shows whose concepts or casts I like way more of a chance than their openings would have them deserve.

Was this thing stuck in development hell and then rushed into production? Neither the content nor the style of these jokes is at all fresh.

Scream Queens‘ two hour pilot2 amounted to maybe seven pounds of show in a ten pound bag. The second half isn’t any fuller than the first, but if they’d just given us the first episode it would somehow have been much less inspiring. Not that it inspired much, or is much inspired. Scream Queens is sophomoric, in that it appears to have been written and directed by college sophomores. It’s not incompetent by any stretch. It shows some real promise, and some excellent understanding of staging, pacing, tropes, and satire.

So does many a sophomore’s production of Martin McDonough or Carol Churchill. I stopped making plans to regularly watch those years ago.

I get why Emma Roberts is in this. I can’t quite figure out why Jaime Lee Curtis is involved. Except that her parts of the show are often great, and could be in a completely different show and fit just as well. Really, this whole thing is deceptively all over the place. Although the meathead boyfriend’s corpse fetish is actually pretty funny.

I feel like this show is missing Chloe Grace Moretz, but I can’t tell where.

Scream Queens might be worth a binge when it’s all on Netflix or Hulu. For now, though, I’m not falling into another hopeful trap.

  1. See: almost every review of a middling show I’ve put on this site. Dollhouse was the one exception my subconscious keeps using to try and disprove this rule.  
  2. Really just two one hour episodes back-to-back.  

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