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The Whispers Season 1 Finale - What Else Is On

The Whispers Season 1 Finale

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

OMG, is the world gonna end? How ’bout The Whispers, is The Whispers gonna end?Welcome to The Whispers season 1 finale! As of last week, Drill possessed first daughter Cassandra Winters and screamed a signal to his people during a press conference. Now it seems the aliens are coming to conquer our world. Hooray!

Wes tells Defense Secretary Frommer that CassanDrill is en route to a secure location and will be interrogated stat. Frommer doubts this will help, but what else have they got?

Sean’s at home researching Thomas Harcourt’s1 writings on Drill. Claire calls and tells him she’s interviewing CassanDrill. Sean’s cool with that but wants her home ASAP cuz Bennigans need end times quality time. Meanwhile, Henry and Minx hang out upstairs and commiserate about what a shitty friend Drill was.

Over at the Secure Location, Claire interrogates CassanDrill. Drill verifies Cassandra is dead, which is great because now I can drop this CassanDrill thing. Also, he says total domination begins now.

Sean calls Thomas Harcourt’s dad, a former NASA employee who caught an alien back in ’82. Turns out, he just caught a new one – a response to Drill’s press conference signal.

Drill thinks Claire should be grateful for all the good he’s done (restoring Henry’s hearing, saving Sean’s life, etc.). Claire argues that he’s corrupting their children, but Drill claims the parents are the bad guys for leaving their kids with their electronic devices all day.2

Speaking of bad parents, Wes comes by to negotiate. Drill says if they wanted to stop him, they should have made sacrifices when they had the chance (i.e. killing the chunky kid from the blackout episode). This should be Wes and Claire’s cue to kill him now. Instead, they lallygag while Drill shoots laser beams out of his eyes, then implodes.

Right at that moment, Henry, Minx and every other Friend of Drill kid gets zonked by Some Mysterious Force, then immediately jump into action. We later see one girl drug her mom while the chunky kid locks his in a closet!

After chatting with Sean, Claire tells Wes about Harcourt’s message. While she heads home to help them translate it, Wes heads to the Pentagon.

Rollins is hard at work when his preggo ex-wife Tam comes by to “talk” about spending the end of the world together. He’s pretty busy, but she convinces him to drop it for a booty call.

While stuck in a gas station line, Claire spots a gaggle of FOD kids. She exits the car and follows them. An adult woman with crazy eyes approaches her and asks if she’s Henry’s mom. Suddenly, several grown-ups swarm Claire.

Wes discourages Frommer from using military force on incoming aliens until Sean and Claire can get answers from Harcourt. Frommer hates the Bennigans, so his cooperation is limited.

At Casa Bennigan, Mr. Harcourt shows Sean the message’s numeric code – 111215, over and over. Boing! That number is tattooed on Sean’s body. But before they can discuss further, a different crazy-eyed lady comes to the front door. Soon, Sean is surrounded by grown-ups and Harcourt is dead. Minx and Henry calmly, willingly depart with the bad guys.

Claire wakes up beside Sean. A gang of crazy eyed adults is holding them captive in a warehouse, but assures them the kids are JUST FINE.

Yet another crazy eyed adult walks FOD kid Harper down a street. Rollins happens to drive by with Tam. He stops to check on Harper, who seems perfectly okay being with this “family friend”. Rollins remains suspicious and tries calling Claire. Tam gets mad, and then her eyes turn crazy!

Crazy Eyes #1 (from the gas station) tells Sean and Claire that Drill’s colonization is good for humans, like how those Pilgrims civilized the savages. Whoa, boy. CE1 then reveals she was once a Friend of Drill kid whose repressed memories just came back. Looks like Drill has awoken a sleeper cell!

Wes looks for Claire and finds the Bennigans’ house empty, except for dead Harcourt. He nabs the man’s laptop. Meanwhile, Frommer and his staff see aliens coming on their fancy satellite camera.

Claire chats up CE1, who verifies that neither she nor any of the others have a name. It doesn’t matter because they’re all connected and have their part to play. How Borg-like.

Wes searches his own home and ends up scuffling with adult FODs, but escapes. He calls Rollins, who has just woken up in the trunk of his own car. Bummer, but at least Wes can follow his signal to wherever the bad guys are taking him.

Meanwhile, Henry sneaks into a police-blocked area, telling an officer that this is where he needs to be. Uh okay, crazy talk.

Wes locates the warehouse where his friends are trapped. He finds Rollins and gets in a stand-off with Tam. A gunshot fires. Right then, Sean breaks loose from his ties and attacks some of the bad guys. CE1 holds Claire at knifepoint, but Wes comes around the corner just in time to shoot her. Oh, and he shot Tam, too. Finally, Wes is being helpful!

Rollins hears from the FBI that they have Henry in custody but Minx is still missing. Suddenly, the whole warehouse is aglow in blue beams. Them look like some spaceship lights.

As blue beams light up cities all over the world, Claire and co. head to FBI headquarters for Henry (who is still talking like a crazy person). Meanwhile, one of the bad guys walks Minx to a woodsy area while another drops Harper at a parking lot.

Eventually, Claire and co. realize ol’ crazy talk Henry can translate the message for them. They play Harcourt’s recording, but then they hear the booming sounds of Frommer’s bombs (he got tired of waiting for them and decided to blow shit up). They all run outside and Claire asks Henry if it’s over. He shakes his head. FINALLY, Henry translates the message (via sign language, because I guess he can’t hear again?). The alien response was actually a question – “Are the children ready?” Derp, Drill’s people don’t wanna destroy Earth. They just want the kiddies!

But where will they retrieve them? Wes pulls up a photo he took of a map at the warehouse. There they find marks for where every child will be taken. Claire asks Henry to escort them to the spot where Minx is.

They all head to the woods. The adults split up to look for a few kids in the vicinity. Henry signs for them to go ahead and look past the ridge, then turns back and heads the other way. He yells to Claire, “I’m sorry, mommy.” A blue beam shoots down from the sky and engulfs him. There are beams for all the kids. Claire hauls ass to get to Henry, and pushes him away just in time to get transported. Wes misses Minx,3 who also gets beamed away.

As Henry, Sean and Wes stumble around the woods, TV news voice overs announce the abduction of thousands of kids worldwide. “Where are our children?” one reporter asks.

Better question, where’s Claire? Even if The Whispers gets a second season, I’d be hard-pressed to watch without Lily Rabe. Hell, I’d be hard-pressed to watch it with her, but she is undoubtedly the emotional heart of this recklessly action-packed show. Just don’t bother without her, ABC! Claire is your only hope.

  1. Dead guy who once killed his Drill-possessed kid brother  
  2. So Drill’s one of those attachment parenting concern trolls, huh? KILL HIM  
  3. Surprise, surprise  

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