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The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

Is it okay to kill even one child for the sake of planetary security? Okay, but what if he has really poor social skills?Previously on The Whispers, we learned that Drill will physically possess one of his kid buddies. At the start of this episode, we see a bulky, geeky, unpopular kid cower in bed as his parents loudly discuss his poor social skills. Then his Light Bright goes berserk and he screams. Meet Drill’s new buddy/#1 possession prospect, Nicholas.

Wes has Lena and Minx holed up at home, secured by heat sensor monitors. As Lena notes, that won’t necessarily stop Drill from possessing Minx. But at least they’ll know it’s happening! Drill does visit Minx’s room and asks for a favor, but she tells him to go away. She then tells her parents that Drill’s looking for a new pal now.

Meanwhile at the Bennigan residence, Claire and Sean discuss Henry’s ongoing headaches WHICH WILL PROBABLY MATTER LATER. They get in bed and hold hands (a first since Claire’s affair with Wes).

The two couples later meet and discuss what’s next. Wes wants to profile Drill and determine who his next victim will be. But then you still have to kill that kid, right? Sean is incredulous, but supports the plan anyway. Then Henry interrupts to say he feels sick, so Sean takes him to the doctor.

Claire and Rollins visit the electric company and review a map of brownouts around the city. They see every place they know Drill’s visited, plus an unidentified government building.

Wes visits a Defense Department analyst, who says Drill’s heat signature has changed. According to him, Drill isn’t getting enough energy from his current electrical sources and is “chewing celery.” If the alien doesn’t get a bigger meal soon, he’ll die of starvation.

Back to Nicholas. Some bullies attack him at the playground. Suddenly, a power line falls and gently shocks one of the jerks. After the scoundrels run away, Nicholas thanks Drill for the assistance. Admittedly, I liked Drill in that moment, too.

Claire and Wes learn the unidentified government building is part of the Deep Space Network, which sends signals to outer space. Wes wants to keep Drill away from DSN until he starves to death. Claire has an idea! But we don’t hear it, because Lena pops in to say she’s taking Minx on a cruise. No power lines there. Great idea, Lena! Even Wes is impressed. He gives them smoochy goodbyes while Claire looks visibly perturbed.

Sean takes Henry to see Dr. Benavidez. She’s not keen on helping him, especially after watching some other sweet, innocent kids help Drill murder a man. But she does anyway.

Claire and Wes ask Defense Secretary Frommer to shut off power around Washington D.C. so they can isolate Drill. He thinks that’s nuts and insists the DSN is secure, with pass codes that change every day. Claire reminds him that Drill infiltrated a nuclear facility in front of their faces.

We next see Nicholas sneaking into his father’s safe, using dad’s completely obvious numerical combination.1 He then pulls out a book titled “DSN Code Keys”. Well, there you have it.

Sean calls Claire from Dr. B’s office and learns about the blackout plan. She advises him to get home ASAP.

Claire, Wes, Rollins and a crap ton of monitoring devices set up shop outside an abandoned school. Frommer and U.S. President Winters observe from their remote meeting space. The monitors spot a brownout at the playground (the one where Nicholas was playing). Wes asks to begin shutting down power there, and Winters gives the order.

Nicholas returns to the now-darkened playground with the DSN codes, looking for Drill. The bullies approach again though this time they come in peace, and with a message from Drill. Follow the lights to find him, they say.

Frommer expresses doubt in Claire and Wes’s plan. This involves a sexist analogy about Claire getting stood up, to which she responds that her dates always show. This obviously turns Wes on, because the writers won’t let this toxic romance go.

Sean and Henry get stuck in traffic. Drill shows up at their car. Sean alerts Claire, who says they need to black out that neighborhood. Wes wants to black out other nearby neighborhoods so they can funnel Drill directly to their location. While all that’s happening, Sean gets tired of sitting in traffic and drives over the sidewalk and through some back alleys to get away. These dick maneuvers work great at first. Then they get into a crash.

The monitoring team successfully leads Drill to the school. They cut off power to the building which should keep him there.

After the cruise gets delayed, Minx tells Lena she doesn’t want to leave Wes. As soon as Lena hears about the blackout, she changes her mind, too.

Wes and Claire have a coffee break heart-to-heart about how much they love their families, which still manages to be sexual tension-y and weird. Then they notice there’s a kid in the school. It’s Nicholas. He’s Drill’s hostage. Frommer wants them to leave him in there, but Wes and Claire ignore that order. I think this daring rescue is their substitute for having sex.

Lena and Minx can’t find a cab to get home, but then some seemingly nice old dude offers them a ride. Lena accepts. Oh, Lena.

Claire and Wes penetrate the building. They split up. She finds Nicholas — who immediately runs — right before Wes finds Drill via his thermal camera. Drill eats the energy in Wes’s camera and bolts. Wes and Claire catch up to Nicholas, who then brags, “See, Drill. I told you I could get them here.” Why that little…

Headache-y Henry is trapped in the back of Sean’s busted car. A gruff but kindly beardo comes by and helps remove him.

Claire’s camera shows Drill hanging above Nicholas’s head. The young man communicates Drill’s desires, his general distrust of adults, and his plan to tell Henry all about Wes and Claire’s affair. Then Drill begins possessing Nicholas. As the kid screams, Wes begs the President to turn on the power to save him. Frommer argues that killing a kid is a small price to pay for freedom. Winters sides with Wes. The power goes on. Nicholas is saved from possession. Frommer thinks Winters is an idiot, but at least a kid didn’t die.

As Wes and Claire share an intense goodbye, Lena calls him to say they’re home and he should join them. (Meanwhile, the “kindly” old dude who dropped them off sits in his car and writes all their names in his secret notebook.) As Lena walks down to the kitchen to get ice cream, the fridge water dispenser starts gushing. She steps in the puddle, touches an electrical panel just as it surges, and gets electrocuted. Wes comes home to a despondent Minx and a dead Lena. RIP Lena! I didn’t like you much, but I liked you way better than Wes.

In happier news, Henry and Sean make it home safely. Claire does, too and later has sex with Sean. Will Drill tell Henry about that, too?

  1. Check the three sports jerseys hanging on the wall ACROSS FROM THE SAFE.  

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