The Whispers: How to Kill Drill

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

We need to kill Drill for many reasons, but especially because these kids in masks are stressing me out.After a brief flashback of young Thomas splattered in his brother’s blood, we see present-day Thomas with his own gunshot wound getting rolled into the ER. Claire, Sean, Wes, Lena and Rollins are there, too. They run into Dr. Benavidez, whom Sean kidnapped when he was a kooky, Drill-controlled amnesiac. Surprise! She’s not pleased to see him. Nevertheless, Claire begs her to take good care of their boy, Thomas. Remember, he can’t die, cuz he knows how to kill Drill.

Lena knows she’s about to get arrested for shooting Thomas, but when the police arrive, Wes turns himself in. Again, Wes thinks he’s got it all under control. Knowing better, Lena insists the police let her tag along.

Dr. B announces that the patient has stabilized but remains unconscious. Rollins volunteers to keep a bedside vigil while Claire and Sean head to Thomas’s home in search of “how to kill Drill” clues. Alas, men in black suits apprehend them as they exit the building, and also nab Wes and Lena from the cops.

Back at the hospital, Rollins asks Dr. B to remove all electrical equipment from Thomas’s room and clear the area of other patients. She balks at first, until they have a discreet conversation about Thomas’s ability to exterminate “you know what”. Then she’s on board. He also asks her to escort him to the kids’ ward.

Claire, Wes and Sean gather in Defense Secretary Frommer’s office, where he lectures them on protocol. Claire thinks this is dumb, cuz they need to be out getting Drill. Once the men verify her completely valid argument, Frommer gives them 24 hours to make it happen.

Remember Lena? She’s waiting in the hallway at the proverbial kids table while the grown-ups confer. Typical Wes advises her to go home and do nothing, but she insists he give her a real task. She offers to take him and Claire to Thomas’s house while Sean hangs at the hospital.

In the children’s ward, Rollins spots a grieving family. A sickly little boy lies in bed while his sister sits at the side, wearing a creepy mask. She turns to look directly at Rollins. TIP FOR THOSE WHO’VE NEVER WATCHED TV BEFORE: This will matter later!

Sean relieves Rollins from vigil duties and they have a special bro bonding moment about kids.1 Rollins decides to patrol the halls and see if there’s anything spooky happening.

At Thomas’s house, Lena, Claire and Wes (a.k.a. Team Awkward) find a photo of young Thomas from his days at the mental health institution. He’s holding a candle, looking super nuts and sad. The note on the back says, “Remember, it takes only one candle to battle the darkness.” Well, clearly whoever took this photo gave a crap about that crazy kid, so Team Awkward sets out to find the photographer at the loony bin.

Sean apologizes to Dr. Benavidez for abducting her and she decides to help him. Meanwhile, Mask Girl gets in an elevator with Rollins, which Drill promptly stops. That’s when she shoots Rollins up with knock-out drugs.

While Team Awkward skulks about the mental health facility, Claire tries comforting sad, would-be murderer Lena by saying she too has regrets.2. Lena says, “I was protecting my daughter. What’s your excuse?” Oh, burn.

Once Sean hears about Rollins’s run-in with a pint-sized attacker, he alerts Dr. B that they need to move Thomas to a Drill-free zone stat. They take the patient to a secluded space with limited electricity.

Team Awkward splits up. Using evidence from the photo, Claire and Wes find Thomas’s old room. Lena wanders around the building and runs into a kindly rabbi, who listens to her vague woes. When he mentions that thing about the candle and the darkness, she realizes she’s found their photographer.

Further examining the photo, Wes and Claire notice the reflection of a mural that’s now covered with wallpaper. Time to redecorate! Tearing down the wallpaper, they uncover a scary painting of a beast hanging on a child’s back. That’s when Rabbi Ezra walks in and says, yup, that’s the portrait of a soul tortured by evil!

Mask Girl returns to her sick brother’s bed. “Drill says it’s time to wake up now,” she says. Yeah, I’d probably stick a needle in a grown man’s butt to save my brother, too. When the boy awakens, she hands him a SUPER creepy mask and tells him it’s turn.

Rabbi Ezra tells Team Awkward the story of the dybbuk, an evil force who possesses souls and never leaves. Turns out, this was young Thomas’s favorite fairy tale and he painted the mural to tell his version. But in this rendering, the face of the possessed soul is not himself. It’s his brother Eliot. TWIST! Killing brother Eliot was a good thing, cuz that little mofo was the human embodiment of Drill.

As Dr. B tends to Thomas, Mask Boy comes along and turns on the power breakers that Sean just turned off. While Dr. B runs to check the power source, Mask Boy sneaks in and locks her out of Thomas’s room. Thomas wakes up and Mask Boy asks him how he killed the first Drill. In a flashback, we see he used… some crazy ass system of pulleys and electrical wire? Anyway, Thomas won’t tell the kid anything, so Mask Boy plugs in his monitors and Drill electrocutes him.

Back to the flashback – Thomas traps Drill/Eliot in a tree and attracts the lightning strike that finally extinguishes him. Which creates blood splatter? Whatever.

Once Dr. B and Sean bust into the locked room, she tries reviving Thomas. No luck. RIP Thomas.

Team Awkward visits the forest location of Drill/Eliot’s death and figure it all out. Now they suspect new Drill is looking for an ideal child host. Claire says they can’t tell Frommer what they know because he’ll definitely go after their kids, Henry and Minx. Too bad Frommer is watching on closed-circuit tree surveillance and already knows EVERYTHING.

We then see Frommer visiting President Winters at Camp David. He asks the Commander in Chief in so many words if he’s ready to kill a child for the greater good.

My answer would be, it depends – are we talking about Minx or my own kid?

  1. Rollins’s soon-to-be ex didn’t want any, but now she’s pregnant. OUCH!  
  2. Ya know, that sleeping-with-Wes business  

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