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The Whispers: Meet President Winters

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

If you thought Wes was a self-important dullard, wait’ll you meet President Winters.Now that Sean’s overcome his amnesia (thanks, magic blue-glowing rock!), he meets with Wes, Defense Secretary Frommer, and U.S. President Winters to discuss what happens next. President Winters suggests they discuss the elephant in the room, at which point Wes states that this entity known as Drill is probably an alien. Finally!

Wes suspects Drill is trying to reach the rock and recommends using an electromagnetic contraption to protect it. Sean thinks they should just blow the thing up. Wes argues that the rock is their only bargaining chip. President Winters refuses to decide until he sees the rock himself.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to another precocious child a.k.a. Friend of Drill. She’s playing with a creepy doll and messing with her mom’s phone while sitting in the back of a limo. Then she arrives home… at the White House. Meet Cassandra Winters, First Daughter of the United States.

After the meeting, Sean’s eager to reunite with his dysfunctional family but Secretary Frommer has other plans. He gives Sean a choice – either help investigate the rock or go to prison.

Wes meets the President at the black site where the rock is stored. Before Winters sees anything, he pontificates about duty, the Constitution, the children, blah, blah, blah. 1 Wes responds with something about “we the people” and Mr. President immediately decides to go with his plan. Later, when they’re chilling in the presidential limo, Winters finds Cassandra’s doll stuffed under a seat. He goes on about importance of family, but I bet he’s a crappy father, too.

Back at the Bennigan home, Claire’s sad she hasn’t talked to Sean since his memory-triggering encounter with the rock. But then he shows up at the front door – yay? Henry’s pumped to see/be recognized by his dad, but it’s awkwardsville for Sean and Claire – ya’ know, ’cause she thought he was dead and got rid of all his stuff… and cheated on him with Wes. She wants to talk but he’s still exhausted from being Drill’s slave and needs sleep. While he rests on the couch and quietly researches electromagnetic fields, Claire takes a call from Wes who warns her to be careful. But Claire just wants Wes to shut up and go away.

Speaking of people fed up with Wes – wife Lena and daughter Minx are playing a special game with Drill. When he comes around, Lena asks questions and Minx translates. We don’t find out anything new about Drill, but we do learn that Lena isn’t allowed to tell Wes about the game (which is easy, because he doesn’t care about anything she says anyway).

Sean wakes up early the next day to make pancakes for his family and announce he’s abandoning them again. Apparently, he took Frommer’s deal on the condition that he’d get one night at home with the family.2 Not even blueberry pancakes are enough to assuage Henry and Claire’s rage. But Sean’s on a mission; when he later arrives at the black site, he presses outer space expert Dr. Tully to ditch Wes’s plan and help him destroy the rock.

Claire realizes Wes knew about the deal with Frommer and accuses him of taking advantage of Sean (whom he hates). He reminds her that she used a roomful of kids to get to Drill, so time to get off your high horse, Claire!3 Claire pushes him to let her see Sean and he reluctantly agrees. Later, she asks ex-partner Rollins to bring her an FBI issue bulletproof vest. Rollins pretends to drive away after their rendezvous, but spies on her from a distance as she stuffs things inside the vest’s lining (remember, he’s secretly working for Frommer).

As Wes is leaving the house AGAIN, he and Minx share a lukewarm goodbye. She’s too busy watching her Justus Doll TV show to pay him any attention. Meanwhile, Lena quietly begs Drill to leave Minx alone and even offers to do whatever he wants(!). But then she learns from her daughter that Drill is elsewhere, hanging with a new, important friend. Lena shares this info with Wes, who suddenly remembers the creepy doll from the limo. It was a Justus Doll! And Cassandra put it there on purpose!!

We next see Wes ransacking a child’s bedroom. In front of her mom. In the White House.4 He finds the Justus Doll, with the First Lady’s phone shoved inside of it. So much for Drill not knowing the black site location! Cassandra explains that Drill uses the rock to phone home, and Wes surmises that the alien is calling for reinforcements.

Back at the black site, Sean tells Dr. Tully a vision he had in which everyone on Earth just disappears. The doctor notes that Drill has done some good (like restoring Henry’s hearing). And if he really wanted to hurt everyone, why not just kill ’em? Sean replies, “Maybe he has other plans for us.” Dr. Tully is now officially on board with blowing up the rock.

Claire arrives at the black site. She, Sean and Dr. Tully clear the room with the rock and start messing with the magnets. Claire pulls some special tools out of her vest. A surge suddenly cuts off all electricity in the building – hi, Drill! By this time, Rollins has alerted Frommer of Claire’s suspicious activities. A group of soldiers burst into the room and threaten the renegades. Dr. Tully ignores them and gets shot. Wes arrives, sends the soldiers away and agrees to help destroy the rock. Sean tells Wes to take Claire to another room. She doesn’t want to leave him, but then he says, “I forgive you,” so she kinda has to be nice and cooperate. While Wes and Claire watch from an observation room, Sean blows up the rock. Somehow, they all survive. Wes tells his ex-girlfriend and her estranged husband to hit the road and the two guys share a friendly albeit awkward handshake. Guess everything’s handled now and we’re done watching The Whispers!

Oh, except that Frommer orders Rollins to apprehend Henry. And Minx has a special message for Lena from Drill – he’s ready to do her a favor, if she’ll do one for him. Hmm…well, at least it looks like Lena’s about to get way more interesting

  1. Imagine all the masculine self-importance of an Aaron Sorkin monologue, minus the wit.  
  2. And he didn’t even order pizza?!  
  3. Fair point, ya’ jerk.  
  4. Guess he’s got some Olivia Pope-level security clearance.  

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