Wayward Pineszzzzzzz

Melissa Leo on Fox's Wayward Pines
Wayward Pines (Photo: Liane Hentscher/FOX)

It wasn’t *that* boring. But my do I wish this show had dropped all at once.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Where are we on the expectations vs awkward-silence-at-the-payoff matrix?

Rapidly sliding towards a disinterested shrug during the end credits.

Two items of note in this episode, though:

1) Melissa Leo continues to be awesome at the little things. She doesn’t overplay her character’s weirdness in the interview scenes, and she takes what is ultimately B+ dialogue on Wayward Pines’ best days and makes it sound quite natural.

2) I don’t know what’s up with Hope Davis‘ teacher/yenta/hypnotherapist but *man* the Pilchers really did not grok how important it would be to have balanced, not just committed, people on their side.

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