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The Whispers: The Westing Designs Bombing

The Whispers: The Westing Designs Bombing

The Whispers (Screen: ABC)

Lena and Minx watch Wes work with his ex-mistress Claire. Must be quality time in the Lawrence household!In this week’s episode of The Whispers, the grown-ups start having some productive conversations. But first, the brutal opposite – as Claire nervously explores Sean’s abandoned duffel bag, she flashes back to the last time they “spoke”. It was right before the crash. She’d cheated on him. He’s giving her the cold shoulder, then asks if she loves Wes. She says “no,” but only after a loooong pause. Sean isn’t buying it, and neither am I.1 When her brain returns to the present, she tells her mom that Sean is still alive but not his normal self. She also mentions something about a blame game regarding Henry’s hearing loss (which evil “imaginary” friend Drill cured, but they don’t know that yet).

The Feds now know Sean is the scruffy, tattooed John Doe associated with the Westing Designs bombing. While Claire plays with the duffel bag at home, her new partner Rollins suggests to Director Myers that she stay out of this investigation. Fair enough, says Myers, though he reminds Rollins that they’re searching for a colleague’s husband. Don’t get too crazy!

Wes and his Defense Department team watch security camera footage of the Westing Designs bombing on repeat, which is annoying because no one likes watching a kid2 blow up over and over again. Eventually, Wes notices the kid staring at the shadow of a figure in the corner. They deduce it was Westing employee David Miller, and that he was the intended victim of the attack. Wes later learns that moments before Miller died, he sent an email that bounced back. The intended recipient? Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Harrison Weil, father of Drill minion Harper.

Meanwhile, Sean has carjacked Dr. Benavidez and is giving her directions to who knows where. For real, he has no idea where they’re going, he just knows how to get there. He asks Dr. B about Claire (who rings a bell in his amnesiac brain) and learns she’s an FBI agent. They stop at a gas station for shaving supplies and scissors. Dr. B subtly slips Claire’s business card to the cashier and gives him a look; dude tries calling Claire’s office, but she’s not there. Rollins picks up the phone just before dude hangs up and traces the call.

Wes’s 8 year-old daughter Minx tells a therapist all about her buddy Drill. He thinks she’s just making this up (a product of her family drama) and tells her to cut it out ASAP. Sitting alone in the car while her mom chats with the shrink, she tells Drill that they can’t play together anymore.The car stereo starts playing bad electronic dance music on full blast, which is Drill’s way of saying, “Screw you, Minx!”

Claire’s still playing with the duffel bag. She comes across a bakery receipt with some digits written on the back. When the bakery owner refuses to answer questions about Sean, she figures out this is a money-moving front for the local immigrant community. Claire sneaks into the back of the bakery and questions the owner’s wife (assuring her she doesn’t care about their shady financial dealings). The Mrs. reveals that Sean’s come in a couple times to pick up payments (presumably, one for the Westings design bombing and one for the “Harper tried to kill her mom” incident).

Speaking of Harper, she’s still hanging out at her comatose Mom’s bedside, cheerful as ever. Wes visits because he’s looking for her dad. She mentions something about Claire and he’s like, “Whaaaa?” When Wes shows Weil an attachment from David Miller’s bounced-back email, Weil says, “Do you have any idea what you have here?!?!”

While Sean grooms himself in the gas station loo, Rollins is hot on his trail. Drill warns him via flashing lights. Sean grabs the doctor and gets away, steals a car, then tells her they need to get to “here” while pointing at one of his weird tattoos. Oh, brother. Dr. B decides her best option is to crash the car and maybe survive.

Claire comes home, where Wes is waiting for her. He shows her the email attachment, a photo of a malfunctioning pipe at a nuclear facility. Miller tried to alert Weil and died before he could say anything else. Weil’s wife’s injury delayed his annual safety inspection trip. So it looks like Sean is trying to create a nuclear meltdown, but where exactly? Claire wonders out loud what this has to do with ubiquitous imaginary friend, Drill. Wes gasps, and that’s when they FINALLY figure out that Minx is tied up in this mess.

Claire tries questioning Minx, who says, “You’re the lady who makes mommy cry.” So that doesn’t go so well. Mom Lena asks Minx to cooperate and she does. Drill’s gone, she says, but he left behind some cool maps. One of them has the same symbol tattooed on Sean’s arm, which Minx says is the logo for Harbor Point Nuclear Facility. Claire and Wes jump into action mode, making Very Important Phone Calls, while Lena and Minx watch uncomfortably from the sidelines. Even in action phone call mode, these two have crazy levels of sexual tension.

Meanwhile, Drill enlists some other little kid to stand in the road where the therapist happens to be biking. A crash ensues. Bye-bye, Mr. Shrink!

Dr. B escapes from the car crash and runs, then dead ends at the electrical fence surrounding Harbor Point. Sean is right behind her. The fence sparks and crackles (hi, Drill!) and Sean walks up and manhandles it like it’s no big thing. The staff inside the facility notice something weird happening and call Weil. Little Harper intercepts and declines the call on her dad’s cell, texts “I’m on it” (in so many words), then drops the phone in the garbage. She calls out to Drill saying, “I did what you said!” And then her mom wakes up. See how this works?

The last thing we see is Henry lying in bed, begging Drill to bring his dad back. “I’ll do anything,” he says. Here’s hoping this kid doesn’t have a tree house.

  1. Get a room, Claire and Wes!  
  2. Another one of Drill’s buddies  

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